It’s my website’s 12th anniversary

Earlier this month (on August 7th to be exact), my website turned 12. Yes, I've been writing and publishing online since 2000! I also got two unexpected gifts around the anniversary date. One of my articles got featured on the home page of (in the Freshly Pressed section). It was the second time I [...]

TechCrunch is now at

When did TechCrunch make the move to I took a look at the top blogs today, and it was listed there, which means it's no longer self-hosted, it's literally at, under their VIP hosting program. I did a quick search of their site, but they say nothing about their migration. I can [...]

Run WordPress by itself or cached?

I've been running an experiment for the past three months. I wanted to see how well WordPress would do if I ran it by itself, without any sort of caching. So far, so good. About four months ago, my web server kept getting pummelled into the ground almost daily, and I couldn't figure out why [...]

Sorry about the growing pains

My sites were out of commission yesterday afternoon, evening, and part of the night as well. Each outage lasted anywhere from half an hour to a couple of hours, and drove home very clearly this message: I need a web server upgrade. While it was certainly frustrating to see my sites go down, and to [...]

Google should offer web hosting

Google has been tinkering with the idea of immediate indexing of changed content in websites for some time. Its current solution is to have you place certain files and bits of code inside your site, that can notify the Google bots when your content has changed. But there's a much simpler solution: why not offer [...]