Have you heard of a Klixx?

Me neither, until I picked one up at this year’s HIMSS Conference in San Diego. One of the vendors was giving them away, I believe they were CPSI. Anyway, the little things are addictive. They make little clicking noises as you twist and bend them into various shapes. So I thought it’d be fun to make different shapes and post photos of them on my blog.

I didn’t save a high-res version of this first photo, and the JPEG compression artifacts really show, I’m sorry…

Klixx shape

These next few ones are a little better in terms of photo quality. As for the artistic statement made through the shapes or the action of posting said shapes online, I’ll let you make the call on that… 🙂

Klixx shape

Klixx shape

Klixx shape

Klixx shape

Exciting, isn’t it? At least it gives me something to do when I’m stressed…


3 thoughts on “Have you heard of a Klixx?

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  2. Those things are great! I have a “48 bit” ( one myself from about 7 years ago at a Game Developers Conference I went to. I can’t put the thing down.

    I just ordered 3 more just so I can keep KLIXX’ing. The one I have now is starting to show it’s age. The notches are waring down.


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