Christmas abstracts

I thought I'd put together some Christmas abstract photos I've taken lately. As mentioned in past posts, I love abstract photos, and I love out of focus photos even more, but only when they're done right. I'm not saying I own the recipe for making out of focus photos, but I like the way mine [...]

A look at my church

Have you ever wondered if I go to church, and where I go? Well, I put together a set of 89 photos that looks at my church, inside and out. You can go directly to the slideshow view if you'd like. If the word "church" scares you, don't worry, I'm not proselytizing. The photos are [...]


I really like this photo of mine. It's so grainy you might think I took it with a cheap digicam, but I didn't. I used my Exakta EXA Ia SLR, and I think I had 100 ISO film inside. Yet it is this excessive grain that I like here. It lends a wonderful atmosphere to [...]


As the 2008 presidential candidates start making their rounds and speeches (stumping), it's important to remember that a lot of their promises are dry and empty, much like this stump.

Patterns in everyday objects

I really like to find patterns and shapes in everyday objects. Whenever I get a few free moments, I look around me to see what I can spot. It's fun, and it's oddly relaxing. There I am, frowning, concentrating, making sure I get the right lighting, angle, exposure and focus (or lack of, depending on [...]