Christmas program at church

There was a nice little Christmas program at our church this past Saturday, December 19, 2009, and you can watch a video of the three groups which sang in it below. My wife planned the program, in-between planning her own art show, directing our church’s choir, and taking part in two separate choirs that each gave Christmas concerts this past week. Can you tell she’s had a busy agenda lately?

A children’s choir sang first, followed by the church choir. Then she read a short story, which she wrote the night before, and handed out Christmas sweets, prepared from her own recipe following raw food methods, with the aid of a friend. After that, it was a mix of carols from the church choir and a women’s group, plus a musical bells group (which I didn’t record, but which you can watch in action here).
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You can also see me singing in the video, as part of the church choir. Given how different the photo on my about page is from the way I look now, I wonder how many people can spot me. Should be fun to know that.


Ecumenical Christmas concert at Margarethenkirche, Medias

This past week, churches of several religious denominations from the city of Medias got together and gave a wonderful Christmas concert, as they’ve done every year since 1989, at Margarethenkirche (Church of St. Margaret). It took place on Wednesday evening, December 16, 2009. I recorded video sequences from the concert, which you can see below. While I couldn’t record it in its entirety, I know a professional video team was on site with two cameras, and they’ll make their edited video available to the public in the near future, possibly even this week.

I need to apologize for the quality of the video… At the time, I had a cold, and was literally shivering up there in the drafty upper level, trying to hold the camera steady. It didn’t work very well, so the video sequences are quite shaky. I had to leave early, too, as I felt a fever coming on and didn’t want to make things worse. At least I stuck around until the choir in which my wife participated sang their carols (Seventh-day Adventist Church of Medias).
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At the end of the concert, selected choristers from each church choir sang together in a unified, ecumenical choir. Unfortunately, I wasn’t around for that, but my wife sang in that choir, and she said it sounded heavenly. By the way, in the video, my wife is the very pretty, curly-headed girl on whom I kept focusing my camera. 🙂


Organ concert at Biserica Sf. Margareta

All summer long, the city of Medias sponsored weekly organ concerts at the oldest church in town, Biserica Sf. Margareta (Margarethenkirche). Medias is a medieval city in the province of Transilvania, Romania.

The concerts were held every Monday night at 7 pm. We attended one of them on September 7, 2009. A wide selection of music was played for 1 ½ hours, from medieval pieces to Bach, and all the way to a modern piece written in the 1940s. I lost the program note, so I can’t go into the details, but overall, the concert was good, and some pieces were great. I’m definitely looking forward to attending more of these recitals next summer.


The feeding of the multitudes

A panoramic photo (made of three individual 12 megapixel photos) showing the main ceiling mural of the Matrei cathedral, in Osttirol, Austria. The scene depicted is that of the feeding of the multitudes, where Jesus Christ multiplies a few loaves of bread and some fish to feed over 5,000 people. The original resolution of this panorama is 4209x5974 pixels.

A panoramic photo (made of three individual 12 megapixel photos) showing the main ceiling mural of the Matrei cathedral, in Osttirol, Austria. The scene depicted is that of the feeding of the multitudes, where Jesus Christ multiplies a few loaves of bread and some fish to feed over 5,000 people. The original resolution of this panorama is 4209x5974 pixels.


Barack Obama for the win

Barack Obama ‘08I felt compelled to post this after watching Barack Obama’s “Call to Renewal” speech, given on 6/28/06 in Washington, DC. I’ve supported Sen. Obama for the last few months, and after watching this, I know I want to see him as president.

Obama is the kind of man that appeals to my heart and mind. He is a highly intelligent person who takes the time to think through issues that matter. He wants to find the common ground between the various faiths that exist in this country, and to unite us under common moral and ethical goals instead of using the popular (and disgusting) method of “divide and conquer”, employed by most politicians nowadays.

There is nothing moral or ethical in polarizing people’s points of views and creating large gaps in beliefs, which discourages plurality and discussion toward the common good. Yet most preachers and Republicans do it. It’s a filthy practice which has people voting for certain questionable candidates simply because their churches or local leaders endorse them.

I’m going to ask you to handle this election differently. I want each of you reading this to make up your own minds about who you’ll vote for. Speaking as a Christian, that’s the way God would have it. That’s why He gave us the privilege of free choice.

If you’re concerned about faith and how Barack Obama handles his, then please watch this video. He talks in no uncertain terms about religion and politics, about his own faith in God (yes, he’s a Christian), and about the many hot-button issues tied to religion (like abortion) that are at the forefront nowadays.

I would love to see Sen. Obama be our next president. There is such a precedent-shattering contrast between him and our current administration…

Obama can express himself, he can think, and he is a logical, rational person who makes me confident that he will be able to handle difficult situations and make the right choice. Plainly put, Obama is a leader.

Please, take the time to watch his Call to Renewal video. It’s 40 minutes long, but you will not regret a single minute of that time after you’ve watched it. You can also find it on his website in the Speeches section (browse for Call to Renewal). And please, tell your friends about it. It’s worth spreading the word about this!


A look at my church

Have you ever wondered if I go to church, and where I go? Well, I put together a set of 89 photos that looks at my church, inside and out. You can go directly to the slideshow view if you’d like.

If the word “church” scares you, don’t worry, I’m not proselytizing. The photos are portraits, abstracts, and macros of various people, objects, details and flowers inside and around the church. I think you’ll like them. My church is quite beautiful in both spring and fall. There are a ton of things to photograph, and I thought it high time I put together a set to show them off. If you’re ever in the area on a Saturday morning, drop by and say hi to me.

Here are several selected photos from the set.

Extra special frosted somethings

Quite possibly possible

Peaceful, easy feeling

What to do in case of fire


Love offering



Hang on

Love comes in abundance


Solitude is peaceful

It’s there for you


The 2007 International Vegetarian Food Fair

The Capital Memorial Church in DC (my church) has been running a yearly vegetarian food fair for the past 10 years. This is our 11th year. If you’re in town this May 20th and looking to sample foods from various countries (the folks in our church are from over 50 different nations), drop by. Ligia and I are planning to be there, and we may even bring some delicious Romanian food. The flyer and the directions can be downloaded below.