On learning from one's parents

Had a small flood in my kitchen today… well, I guess it’s smallish if an industrial-size wetvac only needs to be emptied twice to clear up the water… My wife and I were both away, and I got a call on my cellphone from the building manager, informing us of the flood, and that employees were already cleaning up the spill. That’s an interesting call to get when you don’t expect it!

Still have no idea how it happened. We live in a condominium, and I guess one of us must have left the faucet on. The water was turned off this morning, for repairs elsewhere. Then, when it got turned back on, the sink didn’t drain properly, and overflowed.

Now our counter and cabinets (wood) are swollen with water, and part of our living room floor is also swollen (parquet). We’re just happy because our neighbors haven’t complained. We’d have felt like complete dunces if the water would have seeped into their place.

Now I understand why my father always checks the faucets and stove before my parents leave the house. He’s been burned (figuratively speaking). I used to smile as he’d check them every time. Now he’ll be the one smiling when he finds out I’ve learned my lesson the hard way… It’s a funny thing with parents — as we grow up, we think they’re clueless, but as we grow older, we find out they’re pretty darn smart.