David Blaine, the human fishbowl

Just found out about this, and I gotta wonder, what’s wrong with this fellow? He’s clearly obsessed with what he’s doing, but to a sane person, the stuff he gets into is odd at best.

Now he’s in an eight-foot acrylic sphere at New York’s Lincoln Center, and he wants to stay fully submerged in the water for up to a week. He’s planning to break out on Monday, after beating the world record on holding one’s breath underwater, all while tied up with 150 lbs. of chains and handcuffs. One might say he’s asking for trouble. He’s also reported having problems with his skin because of the continued submersion.

You can’t help rooting for the guy, though. With so much stacked against him, he’s an underdog, and everyone loves an underdog, yours truly included. CNET has more photos and details. Photo courtesy of CNET. Hope he gets out alive!