ComeAcross Podcast 11

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Summary: Book review, “Mister Ed and Me”, by Alan Young with Bill Burt — ComeAcross Photos ( is up and running — Congress to make social networking sites inaccessible to minors — Recipe: croissants with butter, sour cream and cinnamon — In France, politicians still listen to reason — Part 3 of the RIP Act coming soon for the UK — Review: the new MacBook — Review: the IKEA Restaurant — The first ComeAcross Press Release — The coming conflict between same-sex marriage and religious liberty — The World Bank’s First Opera Gala — There’s something in the air here in the States.

Updated 9/30/07: ComeAcross Photos will soon be discontinued as a subdomain. I will feature my photography directly on my blog, in a separate category, to make it easier to follow only those posts. There’s even a separate feed if you’d only like to follow my photography posts. It’s simple: