ComeAcross Podcast 9

➡ Download ComeAcross Podcast 9 Summary: First, a heads up - I might combine some of my sites very soon to deliver extra content efficiently. For this podcast, a "best of" approach where I pick the best blog entries from my blog ( The news: super-efficient cars, Turbotax, SimplyHired, Chernobyl, silly passwords, BYOL (bring your … Continue reading ComeAcross Podcast 9

ComeAcross Podcast 6

➡ Download ComeAcross Podcast 6 Summary: The state of our public school education, recycling water through rooftop gardens, the UK will spy on all motorists, GM crops cross-fertilize with weeds, the NSA's spy program more widespread than thought, generating electricity from the ocean's natural thermal gradient, and the plight of megayacht owners. Links of interest … Continue reading ComeAcross Podcast 6

ComeAcross Podcast 5

➡ Download ComeAcross Podcast 5 Summary: Caviar exports cancelled, Citizen and E Ink's bendable clock, China's tyrany uses American hi-tech, Chinese healthcare is not there, GOP cause for most corrupt government in history, government can track your cellphone at will, Apple to drop firewire, nano armor 5x stronger than steel, new PC design, swimmer does … Continue reading ComeAcross Podcast 5

ComeAcross Podcast 4

➡ Download ComeAcross Podcast 4 Summary: Author on trial in Turkey, stranger inherits Norway farm, ozone recovery slower than expected, aging computers hobble DHS, FCC backs VoIP phone taxes, Asimo ready for office work, Frenchman is killer driver, scientists find cure for gassy cows, wireless camera thrown to work, inventor of the Walkman. Links of … Continue reading ComeAcross Podcast 4

ComeAcross Podcast 3

➡ Download ComeAcross Podcast 3 Summary: Printing organs, torture in Iraq, grafts in Washington, new FM transmitter, CIA misled Italians, Pope gets steering wheel, putting old buildings to rest, LAME IS an MP3 Encoder, VLC and the French legislature, Costco's way of business, server power too costly, the Rembrandt code, soothing pooches, drowning in fines, … Continue reading ComeAcross Podcast 3