ComeAcross Podcast 12

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Could it be? Did I manage to put out another podcast after more than 1 1/2 years? It sure looks like it! Enjoy!

Summary: This is a conversation I recently had with Jim Sugar, one of the Olympus Visionary photographers. The subject matter is photography, of course. Topic-wise, the conversation is fairly wide-ranging, but it proves to be interesting in many ways, so it’s worth a listen. My thanks go out to Olympus PR for making it possible.

ComeAcross Podcast 11

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Summary: Book review, “Mister Ed and Me”, by Alan Young with Bill Burt — ComeAcross Photos ( is up and running — Congress to make social networking sites inaccessible to minors — Recipe: croissants with butter, sour cream and cinnamon — In France, politicians still listen to reason — Part 3 of the RIP Act coming soon for the UK — Review: the new MacBook — Review: the IKEA Restaurant — The first ComeAcross Press Release — The coming conflict between same-sex marriage and religious liberty — The World Bank’s First Opera Gala — There’s something in the air here in the States.

Updated 9/30/07: ComeAcross Photos will soon be discontinued as a subdomain. I will feature my photography directly on my blog, in a separate category, to make it easier to follow only those posts. There’s even a separate feed if you’d only like to follow my photography posts. It’s simple:

ComeAcross Podcast 10

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Summary: Hurrah! ComeAcross is live! — Caveat Emptor, Davison Inventegration — The harmonica players in “One in a Million” — Star salaries coming down in Hollywood — How to steal someone’s identity with the aid of the US government — Google Translation is fantastic! — “Rhapsody in Blue” (1945) — An example of cable management — Goss resigns as CIA Director — The story of Comeacross and Doublecross — British court backs extradition of so-called “Pentagon Hacker” — The NSA wire-tapping scandal — A review of My Life of Travel — Video of “The William Tell Overture”, played with hands.

ComeAcross Podcast 9

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Summary: First, a heads up – I might combine some of my sites very soon to deliver extra content efficiently. For this podcast, a “best of” approach where I pick the best blog entries from my blog ( The news: super-efficient cars, Turbotax, SimplyHired, Chernobyl, silly passwords, BYOL (bring your own laptop) to work, World Bank reports on corruption, and other things.

A big thank you to the new subscribers!

ComeAcross Podcast 8

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Summary: America is swimming in debt, chicken grow teeth, Monty Python is back, RIAA says ripping your own CDs is illegal, Iraq war now Long War, forget Jobs – look at Woz, Mac hacks run OS X on PCs, new eye test for Alzheimer’s, hackers rebel against spy cams, creating electricity with exercise, new nano paint, dummy sues Apple because iPods cause hearing loss, make your own ringtones, government-imposed surveillance puts strain on small ISPs and the Type-A bathroom.

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ComeAcross Podcast 7

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Summary: A 330 MPG uber hybrid, viruses cause obesity, some of the worst things you can do to your body, the invasion of the bed bugs, ultra-efficient air conditioner, new standard keyboard, do not worship false idols.

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ComeAcross Podcast 6

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Summary: The state of our public school education, recycling water through rooftop gardens, the UK will spy on all motorists, GM crops cross-fertilize with weeds, the NSA’s spy program more widespread than thought, generating electricity from the ocean’s natural thermal gradient, and the plight of megayacht owners.

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ComeAcross Podcast 5

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Summary: Caviar exports cancelled, Citizen and E Ink’s bendable clock, China’s tyrany uses American hi-tech, Chinese healthcare is not there, GOP cause for most corrupt government in history, government can track your cellphone at will, Apple to drop firewire, nano armor 5x stronger than steel, new PC design, swimmer does 26-mile stretch, snowkiting catching on.

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ComeAcross Podcast 4

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Summary: Author on trial in Turkey, stranger inherits Norway farm, ozone recovery slower than expected, aging computers hobble DHS, FCC backs VoIP phone taxes, Asimo ready for office work, Frenchman is killer driver, scientists find cure for gassy cows, wireless camera thrown to work, inventor of the Walkman.

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ComeAcross Podcast 3

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Summary: Printing organs, torture in Iraq, grafts in Washington, new FM transmitter, CIA misled Italians, Pope gets steering wheel, putting old buildings to rest, LAME IS an MP3 Encoder, VLC and the French legislature, Costco’s way of business, server power too costly, the Rembrandt code, soothing pooches, drowning in fines, massacre in China, Islam women can stand on their own, Wikipedia prankster confesses, what has dating become, world’s oldest person, face scanners, product placements in TV shows and macro photography on a budget.

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ComeAcross Podcast 2

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Summary: Teens can’t stand the buzz, China still tortures, first face transplant, sensor listens for cancer, goldfish have memory, the Roman Room trick, Nigerian drag, the worst car, tiny movie projectors, hogs in your living room, new Mac Mini, Bose suspension and electricity from banana peels!

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ComeAcross Podcast 1

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Summary: Sea levels rising, there’s money in global warming, “soft” torture, Tom DeLay, avatars rising, Sam Alito, expensive gas, invisible employees, and mirrors to fight the winter blues!

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