Do you like Remote Desktop Connection?

If you use the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection tool to connect to other Windows computers, you’ll appreciate their Remote Desktop Client for the Mac. That’s right, with this tool you’ll be able to connect to and manage Windows computers from your Mac! I’ve used it, and it works great!

Did you also know you can set up your Pocket PC with a Remote Desktop Client, and manage your main PC with it?

Finally, if you’ve ever lost the shortcut for Remote Desktop Connection from the Start > Accessories menu, you know how annoying that is. You can’t reinstall the software, because it’s built in. What can you do? There are two things you can do:

  • Run the program directly by using Start > Run, then typing “mstsc”.
  • Put a shortcut to it back on the Start Menu, perhaps even pin it there, by going to “C:\Windows\System 32” and browsing for the “mstsc” executable. Once it’s back on the Start menu, if you don’t like its name, just right-click on it and rename it to “Remote Desktop Connection”.