A side by side comparison of the 2003 MINI Cooper S and the new 2007 MINI Cooper S

I posted a couple of days ago about the launch of the new 2007 MINI Cooper S, and I said I wasn’t too crazy about the exterior. I still hold that opinion, and to prove it, here are some photos of my very own 2003 Cooper S, alongside a couple of photos of the 2007 Cooper S.

Now, can you honestly admit the new 2007 MINI looks better? They did away with the aggressive, sexy curves on the hood! Where’s that nice, aggressive hood? They pinched it and made it thin. They also made the lights rounder and smaller, and they did away with the extra air scoop on the bumper. But in doing so, they didn’t compensate, and the MINI’s now lost its flair.

Sure, the new one is slightly more sculpted, and it looks like they did away with some of the fat, plus they added two fog lights instead of the single red one you see on the 2004-2006 MINIs, but still, I prefer the back of my 2003 MINI. It’s nicer.