Some big news at ComeAcross

I finally finished working on a new look for the site (version 1 wasn’t as flexible and easy to maintain as I wanted it to be) and also propagated that new look throughout the various ComeAcross sections. Yes, this means that whether you visit the main site (blog) or the podcast, or the current news section or the new mobile section, you’ll see the same look (which wasn’t the case with version 1, btw). The only section that still hasn’t got the new look is photos, but Gallery, the package I use to manage that, is definitely a monster when it comes to skins and customizations, so I don’t even want to touch that for now. In fact, I may even switch to a hosted photo service like Flickr. We’ll see…

Give the new and improved ComeAcross (version 2) a try, and surf through the different sections. Let me know how you like it, drop me a line. Working on it these past three days has been a very interesting experience, to say the least… I had this horrible bout of flu, and it was a bit hard to concentrate, since I wasn’t sure what to do first: pass out, vomit or just lie in bed and try to sleep (with “try” being the operative, though unsuccessful word.) I don’t know what kind of a virus this was, but it sure was a nasty one! When I have a cold or a flu, it lasts 1, 2 days tops. This time, it’s coming up on 3 1/2 days and I’m still not over it. Not fun, not fun… not fun. Add to that ridiculous muscle aches, bone aches, headaches and this ugly urge to keep moving my legs while in bed,and I’d hate to foist this monster on anyone, even my worst enemy.

So anyway, I managed to get a few hours’ worth of work done every day, although it was a nightmare. I hope you enjoy the end result, because this flu sure gave a new meaning to the creative birthing process… Trust me, this new look is no flu-ke! I for one don’t think the new look is flu-lish… Alright, okay, I’ll stop…


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  3. Hey Raoul, if you decide on Zooomr as a third party host, please let me know how I can help.

    Best and more anon,

    Kristopher Tate
    cto & founder — bluebridge tech / zooomr


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