A second trip to the National Seminary at Forest Glen

A little more than a week ago, I wrote about the National Seminary at Forest Glen, here in the DC suburbs, and also posted some photos I took there this summer. I promised I’d post the rest of the photos, which I took in the summer of 2005, and I held true to that promise.

I can safely say I have no more photos to post from the site, since it’s being redeveloped as I write this, and will soon look different. The old buildings will stand no more, but will be replaced by their modern counterparts, which will supposedly look and feel the same. We’ll see how that turns out… So, you may call these photos “limited edition”. I can’t get you any more. Enjoy them, and visit the site sometime next year if you’re able. You may or may not recognize the spots in the photos, depending on how extensive the redevelopment will be.

To help you understand the layout of the site, I’ve posted a map of the grounds below. I also invite you to visit the National Seminary website (which may or may not be up for long — that’s where I got the map). The site has photos of bygone times, showing you how the grounds and buildings looked when they were actually in use. It’s very interesting stuff, and my advice is to spend one of these chilly autumn evenings curled up with your laptop on the sofa, reading through it.

Map of the National Seminary at Forest Glen


3 thoughts on “A second trip to the National Seminary at Forest Glen

  1. Hi Melinda. They’ve already started, and they fenced off everything. They do give tours every once in a while (or at least I think they do), and the tour guides might be allowed through the grounds, but don’t count on it. Visit the National Seminary Website, and see if you can get in touch with someone at the organization to ask about tours. My advice is (if you live in the general area) to drive by and see how things stand. Otherwise, if you live far away, don’t make a trip there just for the Seminary — you might be disappointed.


  2. Melinda says:

    Do you know if it is still possible to walk around the area? It was a year ago that you said they were going to start redeveloping it so I was just wondering how extensive that has become and if you are still allowed on the grounds.


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