Giving thanks for innovative technology

This year, there were a handful of technology/software products that truly changed my life, and I wanted to take a little time to thank their makers publicly.

WordPressThe first, and most important, is WordPress. Without it, this site wouldn’t exist, because I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to combine the content from my various other sites into a single, easy to use collection. The WordPress motto — “a state of the art semantic personal publishing platform” — couldn’t be truer, and I’m here to attest to that. It was easy to combine content from my previous Blogger blog and two of my personal sites into what I now call ComeAcross, and it is easy, every day, to publish more content that may benefit others. That’s really the purpose of ComeAcross — sharing what I think is useful information with others — and WordPress made it possible.

Updated 1/1/08: I’ve since merged ComeAcross into Raoul Pop, which is the site you’re on right now.

GmailGmail has been another wonderful product. Although I started using it in 2005, it was this year that I really started to appreciate its features, ease of use, open standards and fantastic spam filter. The account size is more than generous, the ads are not intrusive, I love being able to label my messages, and the search feature is right on. On top of that, I can retrieve copies of my messages through the POP protocol (that’s Pop, as in my last name :-)), and make them searchable on my iMac through Spotlight.

LoudblogFinally, I’m grateful for Loudblog. It’s an open-source podcasting platform that’s fast, easy to install, and easy to use. I use it to publish my three podcasts: ComeAcross and Dignoscentia (in English and Romanian). I have to apologize because I haven’t had time to publish any podcasts recently, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate how easy Loudblog made the publishing of podcasts for me.

So there you have it, three products that have made it incredibly easier for me to publish content and communicate this year. I’m truly thankful for them, and who knows, maybe they’ll help you as well!


3 thoughts on “Giving thanks for innovative technology

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  2. Hi Sam! WordPress includes an import tool for various other blogging systems (Blogger’s in that bunch). Just install WordPress on your web server, then use the tool to import the posts and comments from each of your Blogger blogs into your single WordPress blog. I’m not sure how you’d set WordPress up to access multiple Blogger blogs, but there’s a Reset option for the Import tool, so using that will probably erase the information for the blog you just imported and let you enter the login info for another blog. As for tagging the posts for each one of the blogs separately, I’m not quite sure how you’d do it. There isn’t a way that I’m aware of, but feel free to search through the plugins at the WordPress site. There might be something there for batch categorization/tagging of posts.


  3. Hello! I found your site by searching for ‘combine’ ‘blogger’ ‘blogs’ via Google. I want to combine 18 Blogger blogs into 1 WordPress blog. Would you be willing to share how you accomplished your merging? I’d also like to apply tags with the name of the original blog to the posts transferred from it. Any help or directions to helpful resources would be greatly appreciated.



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