More good things

Didn’t get a chance to post the review of the S9100 yet, but the 30D review unit arrived today and I got to play with it tonight. And, most importantly, I sold my first photo today. It was a direct sale. Someone liked one of my photos and wanted to use it. I don’t know if that makes me a semi-pro or pro photographer, or neither, but I do know that I feel pretty good!

Meanwhile, I’m thoroughly impressed with the EOS 30D, even though I’ve only used it for only an hour or so. The photos are amazingly clear, even with the kit lens, and at 1600 ISO, remarkably free of noise. My gosh, I’m really going to enjoy using this camera for the next month! I have to ask, if the 30D is this good, how much better is the 5D, with its full frame sensor? I’m wowed already. Stay tuned for that review sometime within the next month.


3 thoughts on “More good things

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  2. It’s so worth it to spend a few hundred more for the 30D, Tim! The XTI feels like a cheap plastic toy. It feels like a PowerShot in my hands, that’s how tiny it is. And other than the nice, rounded buttons (which you can find on the 30D as well), it’s just not something I’d spend my money on. Trust me on this, save up a little more and get the 30D, you won’t regret it!


  3. Looking forwad to the review. I’d set my sights on an XTI, but will spend more, provided I can justify it to the Mrs. (it’s for the kids…really).

    As for zooomr, there’s more going on than scanning photos for average color, otherwise Kris wouldn’t need to be doing so much coding. I love zooomr and appreciate all the hard work they are putting in. I can hardly wait for M3.


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