Google Reader changes things, slightly

Logged into Google Reader this morning to get my daily fix of feeds, and saw that something changed. Took me a few seconds to realize it, but it looks like they replaced the command links with nice, rounded buttons. Have a look:

The new Google Reader buttons

Those buttons used to be links. Maybe this happened yesterday, maybe it happened overnight, but I just caught it, thought it was cool, and wanted to share the news. Certainly makes for a better look.

It also looks like Robert Scoble‘s spending too much time on Twitter and not enough time on his blog. Just one new post since yesterday afternoon?


  1. I’ve tried google reader, and others, in the past, but I always end up going back to the Sage reader for Firefox. It sits, loyally, in my sidebar, ady to do my bidding.


  2. I kind miss the html links rather than the buttons, though at least I get a visual aid showing when I’ve clicked on the refresh link


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