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I played rugby in college for about two seasons. It was enough play time for me to break my nose and tear my right ACL, necessitating surgery… Would I play it again? Absolutely not. Rugby is a dangerous sport, and I think only certain people can play it — the ones built for it. I’m not one of them. Although I don’t even watch it anymore, I did enjoy this short clip of the NZ All Blacks vs. Tonga. They both engage in a little Maori Haka intimidation, and it’s fun to see.

Roger Federer vs. Andy Roddick. One of the most awesome tennis plays I’ve ever seen:

This is an amazingly coreographed kung-fu fight scene. The two teammates are within inches of impaling each other with their lances. This sort of thing is very dangerous, so please don’t try it at home.

Top Gear got their hands on a Bugatti Veyron and maxed it out at its advertised limit of 252 mph (407 kmh). Very, very cool, and I think my eyes may have gotten a little misty toward the end. 🙂

Sepak Takraw is an Asian sport that’s best described as volleyball with your feet. Some amazing jumps take place here.

I believe the name of this Asian acrobatic team is Butterfly Lovers. Their name isn’t that impressive, but their act sure is! Watch it and be amazed at their skill.


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