Funny animal videos

This video of two otters holding hands has been viewed over 5,000,000 times on YouTube. I think that makes it a hit. 🙂

A dalmatian watching Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” howls along with the movie dogs. The poor thing thinks something bad has really happened.

A man in Japan has invented a deep fryer that houses a goldfish bowl underneath. Somehow, the temperature of the water is kept low enough for the fish to survive, and of course the oil stays on top of the water since its density is lower, creating a nice separation barrier. Fried bits of food fall toward the bottom from the top, and the fish get their food as well. What I’d like to know is how he cleans the water, and how the fish get their oxygen. What’s more, how in the world does he take out the dead or sick fish, or put new ones in there? In concept, this is interesting, but in practice, it seems like a pretty rough way to treat some poor dumb organisms.

This looks like a frat boy prank, and since I saved this video, I’ve seen lookalike videos popping up. If you look carefully, you’ll see the trainer enticing the dolphin to climb up on the man by holding a bit of food over his shoulder. What happens thereafter is anyone’s best guess. Are the dolphins trained to move like that, or does some reflex kick in that makes them hump like dogs? I don’t know. Apparently the man knew what he was getting into. It’s pretty sad, and after the cheap laugh wears off, you gotta wonder why the heck anyone would pay for something like that…

A donkey cart gets overloaded somewhere in a Far East country, and the poor animal is left stranded in the air. The people then rush to unload the cart and bring the donkey back to earth. Gee, we’ve only been using animals to pull carts for how long… maybe thousands of years… and we still haven’t learned how to properly stack the loads.

This is a compilation of thieving animal videos. Remember, it’s only funny until it happens to you.

Check out Bebo, the beatboxing bird: