One photographic subject I never tire of capturing is the sky. It’s quite an amazing subject. No other in nature changes colors and shapes like the sky. The fantastic hues of its sunrises and sunsets, the cloud movements, especially before a storm, the amazing variety of its makeup, all make for wonderful photographic moments. (And I mean moments, because it can change very quickly sometimes.)


Take this photo, for example. It was taken just a few minutes after the photo shown below. This one makes the viewer think a storm is just breaking up to reveal better skies, but the weather was fantastic. It just so happened that by using a 100mm lens and getting closer to the clouds, I was able to get a different atmospheric mood. Skies are quite amazing that way. Have a look at this next photo, and you’ll get a fairer picture of what the weather was like that evening.

The majestic ones

Photos taken in North Bethesda, MD.