Signs of Spring

Who says we can only look at spring photographs in the spring? On my site, in this little virtual world I've created, spring comes whenever I want it, and now's a perfect time for it. Here's a set of photos of spring flowers, with a heavy concentration of daffodils. And if you'd like to see … Continue reading Signs of Spring

North Bethesda and Rockville at night

Here are cityscapes of North Bethesda and Rockville at night. Most are taken from a vantage point in Grosvenor Park while some are taken from the walkway above the I-270. I do love it when cities and architects take the time to think about color casts and the impact they will have on the way … Continue reading North Bethesda and Rockville at night

Grosvenor Park from above

We lived in Grosvenor Park (North Bethesda, Maryland) for five years. It was a nice community, located right next to the Beltway and the Metro. Here's what it looked like from above. If you want to see what it looked like from ground level, you can browse photos I took there in my photo stream … Continue reading Grosvenor Park from above

Summer scenes from Grosvenor Park

For the past several years, we've lived in a beautiful community in North Bethesda, MD, called Grosvenor Park. The community was built inside a forest that stretches from Bethesda to Rockville. This is a video recorded in that forest, on the shore of a brook that makes its way through the community, in the summer … Continue reading Summer scenes from Grosvenor Park

Days like these

Clouds form unusual shapes at dusk. Taken in North Bethesda, MD, USA.

That unforgettable sky

Long-time readers of my blog know my obsession with the sky. I never tire of photographing it. I take photos of it almost every day. Here are a few I took just a few days ago in North Bethesda, MD.


One photographic subject I never tire of capturing is the sky. It's quite an amazing subject. No other in nature changes colors and shapes like the sky. The fantastic hues of its sunrises and sunsets, the cloud movements, especially before a storm, the amazing variety of its makeup, all make for wonderful photographic moments. (And … Continue reading Reassurance