North Bethesda and Rockville at night

Here are cityscapes of North Bethesda and Rockville at night. Most are taken from a vantage point in Grosvenor Park while some are taken from the walkway above the I-270. I do love it when cities and architects take the time to think about color casts and the impact they will have on the way their places are seen at night. The right lighting can make a place look magical at night. And let’s not forget about incidental light from cars and other road vehicles, which has its own amazing charm in long exposure photographs.

There are more photos in the gallery below. Click on each thumbnail to view the images in full-screen mode. Enjoy!


Brasov, as seen from the mountains

When you travel through Brasov (Romania), you notice two things: the wonderful medieval buildings and the mountains that surround the city. But there’s another way to see the city — from those same mountains that surround it.

If you take the road toward Poiana Brasov, a mountain resort that sits perched atop those mountains, about 17 km from the city, you’ll find a few lookout points, positioned in such a way that you’ll get some great views of the city.

Here are a few photos taken from those lookout points.


Medias from above

During yesterday’s morning walk through the town, I got access to the St. Margaret’s church bell tower for a few minutes, and ran up to take a few photos of the historic district from above. I hope to be able to return to the tower at some point in the near future so I can take more photos.

Here you can see the King Ferdinand Piazza in the background.

This is the church’s interior courtyard, where I went to school as a child.

This is Str. Johannes Honterus. I’d run up the street toward the school every morning, almost late because I took too long to eat my breakfast.

I might have gone to the S. L. Roth high school, which you can see here, but instead moved to Cluj, then to the United States. And now I’m back in my old home town. Life’s little twists and turns are pretty interesting, aren’t they?


New York City

This is a continuation of a post from 2007 entitled “A weekend in Manhattan“. In it, I promised more photos from New York were forthcoming. What can I say… I like long-awaited sequels… I kept that promise in part with “Manhattan, from the top of the Empire State Building” and “Walking out on hope“, but I didn’t get to winnow, process and publish all of my best New York photos until now.

Therefore, I selected 44 photographs which you can see here. The rest are in my photo catalog. I’ll start at the micro level first, looking at individual buildings, then I’ll show you a few New York cityscapes, taken from above and from the bay. Enjoy!

What’s perhaps the best known building in Manhattan?

For someone who’s seen and loved both versions of “Miracle on 34th Street” (1947 and 1994), this store is quite well known.

One of my abiding photography subjects — as a matter of fact, a principal subject of my photography — is architecture. I keep coming back to it. I love photographing interesting buildings. I spent most of my time in New York walking about, as I usually do when I go somewhere, with my camera in hand, looking at buildings and capturing what I found interesting. Continue reading


Washington DC panoramic

In May of 2007, I happened to be at the top of the Key Bridge Marriott Hotel in Arlington, VA. That hotel has the most amazing view of DC and Arlington from its ballroom, which sits right on top of it and has floor to ceiling windows.

I also just happened to have a video camera and tripod with me (ahem), and took some footage of the DC skyline, the Key Bridge, and the Potomac River. That footage sat around on my computer till last week, when I finally had the time to edit it properly and to work on a soundtrack for the video.

This video is the result. You can download it below, or view it at Vimeo or YouTube. (The soundtrack doesn’t sound as good at YouTube, their compression isn’t that great.)

Download Washington DC Panoramic (720×540, MOV, 2:16)

By the way, I took this photo that same evening, from the roof of the building. The hospitality manager was a really nice guy and he let me go up and spend about 15 minutes taking photos up there.