The reason behind our trip to Romania

You may recall that I mentioned a recent trip to Romania in a few of my posts. The occasion for our trip was a joyous one, thank goodness: my wife’s sister got married. I would have loved to post a few photos of them, but she and her husband would prefer to stay off the Internet, at least for now. Still, I did the next best thing. I put together a list of my favorite photos from the wedding that are okay to show in public.

This is an overexposed photo of Ligia, processed in Lightroom. I like the way it came out.


My little niece was one of the bridesmaids.

One of the maids of honor

Ligia’s singing in the choir. The bride and bridegroom are in the bottom left corner. I think this photo’s alright to show, since they’re facing away from the camera. 🙂

The bride and bridegroom

One of my nieces and her friend is giving me the tilted head look. I love how this photo came out, in spite of the lens flare visible near my niece’s right eye. The pose was completely spontaneous, and yet they both managed to tilt their heads and bodies at parallel angles. Lovely!

The tilted look

The bride takes a walk outside the restaurant where the wedding party took place.

The bride

I loved this simple yet dramatic chandelier, and the cloth ribbon draped across the ceiling was a great touch.


The bride and bridegroom cut the wedding cake, hand in hand.

The wedding cake

Here we are. My brother-in-law (not the one getting married) took this photo. It came out really nice, don’t you think?

Ligia and Raoul

My lovely wife. I never get tired of photographing her.


We had a really wonderful time at the wedding, getting to know the groom and making new friends. It all went just as planned, and came out even better!


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