Photos from a wedding we attended

As I say in person to anyone who asks me and as I also state here, I do not like to photograph weddings or events. I do not even like to attend weddings. I find the whole experience contrived, farcical and drawn-out. Bear that in mind as I also tell you that my wife and [...]

Wedding Present (1936)

"Wedding Present" (1936) is a wonderful romantic comedy made toward the end of the great depression. Cary Grant plays an ace reporter named Charlie Mason, in love with his partner in "crime", Rusty Fleming (played by Joan Bennett). Cary would reprise the role of an intrepid reporter/editor in "His Girl Friday" (1940), opposite Rosalind Russell, [...]

The reason behind our trip to Romania

You may recall that I mentioned a recent trip to Romania in a few of my posts. The occasion for our trip was a joyous one, thank goodness: my wife's sister got married. I would have loved to post a few photos of them, but she and her husband would prefer to stay off the [...]