The many uses of chroma keying

What is chroma key? It is a technique for mixing two images or frames together in which a color (or a small color range) from one image is removed (or made transparent), revealing another image behind it. Still, a visual technique is better explained in visual terms, so watch this video, which explains it much better [...]

Three classic movie duds

If you follow along with my classic movie reviews, you may think I have only good things to say about them. Truth is, I don't usually choose to write up movies I don't like. But I've recently seen three classic movies that were so bad I needed to point them out. I'll look at each [...]

The next stage for Lightroom

I am a happy user of Adobe Lightroom. It has helped me get a handle on my growing photo library. While it largely replicates the functionality of Adobe Bridge, it does so with a much better interface, and includes extra functionality that makes its price worthwhile. I do most of my photo processing in Lightroom [...]

Photography, take two, part five (finis)

I have completed the work of replacing photos hosted with third-party services. All of the photos that are published on my site are now hosted locally. If you're not familiar with this effort, which took me a few months to complete, you might want to have a look at parts four, three, two and one. [...]

Photography, take two, part four

I continued my ongoing effort to replace photos hosted at third party services with self-hosted ones, in order to reduce the dependence of my content on others. As part of that effort, I'm also re-processing some of the photos, and editing some of the posts to make them read better. Here are the posts I [...]

Wedding Present (1936)

"Wedding Present" (1936) is a wonderful romantic comedy made toward the end of the great depression. Cary Grant plays an ace reporter named Charlie Mason, in love with his partner in "crime", Rusty Fleming (played by Joan Bennett). Cary would reprise the role of an intrepid reporter/editor in "His Girl Friday" (1940), opposite Rosalind Russell, [...]

Photography, take two, part three

This is Part 3 of an ongoing series of posts that outlines the work I do behind the scenes to improve my blog's content. You can read Parts 1 and 2 as well. I continued my work of replacing photos hosting with third party services with self-hosted ones. Here are the posts I modified: The [...]

Patterns in everyday objects

I really like to find patterns and shapes in everyday objects. Whenever I get a few free moments, I look around me to see what I can spot. It's fun, and it's oddly relaxing. There I am, frowning, concentrating, making sure I get the right lighting, angle, exposure and focus (or lack of, depending on [...]