Photography, take two

Over this weekend and the last several days, I’ve gone through posts that contain photographs, and replaced all of the images with ones hosted directly at ComeAcross. In the past, I’ve used photos hosted with third party photo sharing services, and I realize now that’s a folly.

If a third party service goes down, which is very likely with beta services, my photos become unavailable. Even if that service is not in beta, a simple action like closing one’s account shuts down access to all of the photos uploaded there. It’s much more practical to host the photos together with my website. That way, I am fully responsible for making sure that all of my content is accessible. If something goes down, I can take care of it. If I need to change web hosting providers, I simply transfer all of my files over to another server.

It’s not as simple to transfer one’s content with photo sharing services, no matter what they may promise. Image and meta data portability is still not 100% there, and it doesn’t help when a photo sharing service advertises their API’s availability for more than a year, yet fails to put it out for public use. It also doesn’t help when said portability is rendered useless by the amount of compression used on the uploaded originals, or the deletion of meta data embedded in the originals…

You see, everyone is ready to promise the world to you when they want to sell you on something. Quite often, that “world” is nothing more than an empty little shell. I speak in general terms here, from the things I’ve learned through my various experiences — mostly recent ones…

At any rate, I’ve still got to modify a number of posts, but I thought I’d point out the ones I’ve already worked on. They’re quite a few, and I’m happy with the results so far. Here they are:

Also see Photography, take two, part two for more updated posts.


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  2. Ah, but there is no tool other than elbow grease, Keith. 🙂 That’s all I’m using. I host the images directly at ComeAcross by uploading them to each blog post at 550px wide. I export them directly out of Lightroom that way, with a copyright notice in the bottom left corner.

    I tried Gallery in the past, but found it too cumbersome and complex for my needs. I like simplicity, and it seems to me having my images residing right on my blog is the simplest thing when it comes to maintenance and portability.


  3. Interesting that you’re writing about this, as I’ve been (slowly) moving away from third-party image hosting service as well.

    Would be interesting to read about the tool(s) that you’re using to both host and migrate your images. I’m going with Gallery for hosting, but haven’t spent much time looking into migration utilities.


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  5. Thank you Dawn! It’s really turning out to be a lot of effort, but I think it’s worth it, long-term. Just spent all day today doing the same, I’ve got an update coming on those posts in the morning.


  6. That’s a lot of work. I’ve considered doing the same but haven’t made that jump yet.

    Nicely done, Raoul.


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