Photos from the Alexandria photowalk

Last Saturday morning, Ligia and I met up with Keith McCammon and held our first DC area photowalk, as announced last week. Even though rain was predicted for that day, the weather was fantastic. We got there around 7:30 am and had a wonderful time walking on the docks and through the streets, photographing all things of interest to us.

Ligia carried my tripod for me. What a trooper! 😀

The one for me


Where we meet



Color segregation

We received an amazing gift during our photowalk. We stumbled onto a really old home on Prince Street, built in the 1700s, called the John Douglass Brown House. As we were taking photos outside, the neighbors happened by, and we started talking. They were really nice and offered to introduce us to the owner of the house, Mr. Charles J. Reeder. He not only came out and started talking with us, but allowed us to come into the gated courtyard. We learned how he purchased the home, restored it, and made some additions to it.

While we snapped away at the amazing collection of fascinating things he had around the home and talked, I guess he saw something in us that engendered some trust, because he invited us inside and gave us a tour of his home. He does not normally do this, and he told us that as he let us in. I cannot even begin to tell you how many amazing old antiques he has in there, and how much he knows about each of them. My mind reels when I try to remember the experience. Thankfully I took plenty of photos. I’m not sure how many of them I’ll make public, because I do not want to invade Mr. Reeder’s privacy. Just because he allowed us into his home doesn’t mean he wants it shown on the internet. I’ll have to choose carefully what I publish online.




Give it the old once-over

In the end, it worked out better than we could have imagined. If a larger group got together for the photowalk, I doubt we would have been able to visit inside Mr. Reeder’s home. This way, we formed a nice photowalking nucleus, and we’ll try to expand the group with future photowalks in the DC area. What a great start we had!


Dual sunlight

Yachting on the Potomac



Bask in the sun


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  4. Hi Raoul,
    I am organizing a photowalk in Washington for sometime in March. If you are interested, pop on over to my blog for more info.



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  6. Hey Russell, thanks for the interest! I’ve thought about photographing metro stations, but I don’t want to run into annoying security guards that think we’re a threat just because we’re walking around with a camera. I’d rather not let them waste my time. Perhaps at some time in the future. But yes, we’ll keep you in mind the next time we plan a photowalk. Watch for updates on that on my blog, I’ll be sure to post about it in advance if we’re planning one.


  7. HEY! A Photo Walk sounds like a lot of fun. I wish I would have known about this as I would have tagged along. Please keep me informed about the next time you guys go out. I live in Glenmont right across from the metro station and anything that is metro accesible would be best for me. Have you ever thought about taking a photo walk through some metro stations?


  8. Raoul,

    Great write-up! I had a terrific time with you both. And you’re right: Three people ended up being the ideal size. Don’t think things could have worked out any better.




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  11. Sounds like you had a great walk Raoul. I recognize a number of the photos from your walk…they brought back great memories of the 5 years I lived in DC and all the great times I spent down in Old Town Alexandria…good times.

    Thanks for sharing!


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