Goodbye, Smooth Jazz

While I'm on the subject of radio, I'd like to say goodbye to a station that I enjoyed listening to over the past five years I've lived here in DC: Smooth Jazz 105.9 (WJZW). It's been in my radio presets for all of that time. One morning, as I tuned in, expecting a change from [...]

Score one for classical

I'm driving into work this morning. I turn on the radio. On WASH, they're talking about 80s funk music. Then the ads come on. On WRQX, a morning show aide (male) is yelling at the top of his voice about Alase pain-free hair removal. On WINC, traffic and ads. On WGTS, some dude is belting [...]

Waves at Hollywood Beach

This is a video I recorded a couple of years ago at Hollywood Beach, Florida. It was early morning, the sun had just come up, and Ligia had gone into the ocean for a swim. I stayed on the beach and recorded this. It starts out wide, then gets progressively closer to the water until [...]

Week 1 of the 2008 Community Challenge

I mentioned Trevor Carpenter's 2008 Challenge in a previous post. The aim is to document your community through photos, something I've been doing all along, but it's fun to participate anyway. Here are my two photos for this week -- I couldn't really keep to one... They're both taken from our terrace in the morning [...]

Document your community through photos

Trevor Carpenter is running the "2008 Challenge", a project which is meant to encourage people to document their community through photos and to share them online. All it takes is to publish one photo per week (52 in total) to your site or to a photo sharing site. Check out Trevor's post for the details. [...]

Dawn over the Atlantic Ocean

This will be my 1,000th post, so perhaps it's fitting that it be this: photos of the dawn, breaking high above the clouds, somewhere near the coast of France. It symbolizes a new beginning, a milestone -- although I have to confess it came by surprise. I hadn't monitored the number of posts for a [...]

One perfect foggy morning

Have you ever woken up to the perfect morning fog? I have. We were staying with relatives in a tiny little village in Moldova, Romania. Their house sat between several hills. As I got out of the house on day, morning was just starting to break. The soft, diffuse light just barely illuminated the sleepy [...]

Photos from the Alexandria photowalk

Last Saturday morning, Ligia and I met up with Keith McCammon and held our first DC area photowalk, as announced last week. Even though rain was predicted for that day, the weather was fantastic. We got there around 7:30 am and had a wonderful time walking on the docks and through the streets, photographing all [...]