Early morning on Hollywood Beach

We took these photos one fine summer morning, before we went for a swim on Hollywood Beach (in FL, not CA). Hollywood is where you might say I’m from. I lived many years in the Hollywood-Hallandale area.

Life, as I want to know it

Life, as I want to know it

Early morning just outside a forest near Natural Bridge, VA.

Goodbye, Smooth Jazz

While I’m on the subject of radio, I’d like to say goodbye to a station that I enjoyed listening to over the past five years I’ve lived here in DC: Smooth Jazz 105.9 (WJZW). It’s been in my radio presets for all of that time.

One morning, as I tuned in, expecting a change from the usual sonic assaults found on other stations, I got shocked with a really bad oldie. I’m a fan of oldies (sometimes), but this was a real dud. I couldn’t figure it out. I looked at the station call, and it now said “True Oldies”. Then some annoying DJ’s voice came on, touting the format change and the “return of oldies” to DC. No thanks. DC already had an oldies station, and it wasn’t in my presets. I tuned right out and looked for another station to store in its place.

To top it off, it turns out Don Imus is the new morning show DJ on True Oldies. Yup, that guy. I’ve met and seen a lot of revolting people, but he takes the cake. One more reason to stay away.

Ramsey Lewis, where are you? I will miss your cheery voice and inspirational quotes, not to mention the smooth jazz you played during your morning show. I hope things are okay for you and the rest of the DJs from the station.

Goodbye, Smooth Jazz.

Smooth Jazz 105.9 FM

Score one for classical

I’m driving into work this morning. I turn on the radio.

On WASH, they’re talking about 80s funk music. Then the ads come on. On WRQX, a morning show aide (male) is yelling at the top of his voice about Alase pain-free hair removal. On WINC, traffic and ads. On WGTS, some dude is belting out a song with a really bad sonic wall accompaniment that makes it hard to even hear the words. On WMZQ, a woman is trying her rendition of some tortured country song, over the phone, and it’s too painful to listen. On WETA, a welcome flourish of wind instruments stretches out the furrows on my forehead and puts a smile on my face.

Thank you Handel for your Water Music suites! Score one for classical.

Waves at Hollywood Beach

This is a video I recorded a couple of years ago at Hollywood Beach, Florida. It was early morning, the sun had just come up, and Ligia had gone into the ocean for a swim. I stayed on the beach and recorded this. It starts out wide, then gets progressively closer to the water until it ends up in macro mode. A couple of days ago, I re-edited it, and I really like the way it plays now.

You can watch it below or here, and you can download it as well. Just press play, stay with it, and relax.

Week 1 of the 2008 Community Challenge

I mentioned Trevor Carpenter’s 2008 Challenge in a previous post. The aim is to document your community through photos, something I’ve been doing all along, but it’s fun to participate anyway. Here are my two photos for this week — I couldn’t really keep to one…

They’re both taken from our terrace in the morning hours. The first is taken at daybreak, just as the sun was about to surface over the horizon.

Here comes the sun

This second photo is taken an hour and a half or so after sunrise, but on a cloudy morning. As you can see, conditions were quite unusual, and the cloud cover created a sort of backlit canvas filled with soft colors.

A canvas lightly lit

One last thing: Trevor’s December Challenge, which encouraged people to shoot one portrait per day through the entire month, has come to an end, and he’s got a nice recap with portrait highlights. Check it out!

Good work, Trevor! It’s wonderful to see more people participating in these sorts of projects, and being encouraged to better their photography.

Document your community through photos

Trevor Carpenter is running the “2008 Challenge“, a project which is meant to encourage people to document their community through photos and to share them online. All it takes is to publish one photo per week (52 in total) to your site or to a photo sharing site. Check out Trevor’s post for the details.

I thought I’d share a few photos from my community a little ahead of the deadline. After all, I’ve been doing it all along, but you may not have known about it since I didn’t call attention to it.

This is a typical morning view from our terrace.

Reflected sunrise

We took a walk during a warm fall afternoon. This is one of the photos taken on that walk. A “Now Leasing” blimp floated in the sky above a neighboring building. The beautiful trees in the forefront obscured that photo, so it looks as if the blimp is advertising them instead.

Now leasing - trees

These next few photos were taken during various afternoon walks.

Red and redder


A brook dressed for fall


I am literally in love with the color of these tree branches. It’s not personal bias because I took the photo, but that shade of brown coupled with the fresh green just floors me.

Stretching toward the sky

This is another view from our terrace. It’s a night scene, taken during a dark and stormy night.

Night rain

You might think there’s something wrong with the next photo. It seems a bit off, and there’s that strange thing jutting out in the bottom left corner. Look carefully. That’s a reflection you see in the water of a lake from our community. The odd piece in the corner is the shore I stood on when I took the photo. If you examine the bottom of the photo, you’ll see tiny ripples.

Looking glass