Goodbye, Duke Nukem

When the Duke Nukem series came out in the late 90s, I was a huge fan. There was a time when I played it every day, and I knew almost every trick on each level. I even bleached my hair once to get the Duke Nukem look. Given that I was also working out regularly [...]

Goodbye, Smooth Jazz

While I'm on the subject of radio, I'd like to say goodbye to a station that I enjoyed listening to over the past five years I've lived here in DC: Smooth Jazz 105.9 (WJZW). It's been in my radio presets for all of that time. One morning, as I tuned in, expecting a change from [...]

Reagan National Airport

As you read this, Ligia and I are supposed to be in Florida. Instead, I'm back at work. We were supposed to fly out yesterday. Everything was set. We were really looking forward to it. We got to the airport, checked in, went to the gate, and noticed that our flight was listed as leaving [...]

It’s about expectations

Many of us have heard this before, but it bears repeating. Customer or user satisfaction depends, in large part, upon the expectations you set, as a service or product provider. Promise something you can't or don't deliver, and satisfaction goes right down the drain, no matter what you did right. A great friend of mine [...]

How many of my photos were stolen?

For the moment, this is a rhetorical question. I've been re-thinking the way I publish my photos online in view of the recent and very prominent theft of Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir's photos from Flickr. Call me naive, but I really believed, and still would like to believe, that people will wish to stay legal and pay [...]

Camera review: FujiFilm FinePix S9100

Bottom line: love the camera body and the user interface, good lens, good grip, but the CCD sensor is not as good as it should be. Read on for the details. I won't bore you with the specs, which you can check out for yourselves. I'm going to focus on real-world use. I purchased the [...]

Cannot edit EXIF data in iPhoto

Those of us using iPhoto (up to version 6) are probably pretty disappointed to find out that we can't edit a photo's EXIF data. What's more, whatever data we add to the photo (changing title, date, description, rating) also doesn't get stored to a photo's EXIF fields. Instead, it gets put in some other associated [...]

Bonjour for Windows 1.0.3

Downloaded Bonjour for Windows, tried it out, and I'm a little disappointed. All it does is to allow you to share printers across the network. True enough, worked very easily to allow me to install the shared printer from my iMac, but I expected it to allow me to see the shared Mac drives as [...]