Read the Bill, Congress!

The US Congress recently passed the Cap and Trade Bill without reading through the over 1200-page document, which more than likely contained more pork than a Louisiana farmer's pantry. It was a bill drafted by lobbyists and edited in closed door committees, paving the way for tons of very lucrative government contracts and taxes that [...]

Goodbye, Duke Nukem

When the Duke Nukem series came out in the late 90s, I was a huge fan. There was a time when I played it every day, and I knew almost every trick on each level. I even bleached my hair once to get the Duke Nukem look. Given that I was also working out regularly [...]

Thank you Congressman Van Hollen!

This is Congressman Chris Van Hollen, the man that represents our district on the Hill. He's got our heartfelt thanks and gratitude. Do you want to know why? My wife and her students had to suffer for seven months at her piano studio -- without heat in the winter and without air conditioning in the [...]

It’s about expectations

Many of us have heard this before, but it bears repeating. Customer or user satisfaction depends, in large part, upon the expectations you set, as a service or product provider. Promise something you can't or don't deliver, and satisfaction goes right down the drain, no matter what you did right. A great friend of mine [...]

USPS Priority Mail is anything but that

Recently mailed a package with Priority Mail, and it didn't arrive at its destination on time. All the USPS website would tell me is that the shipping info was received. When I called them 7 days later -- remember, Priority Mail is supposed to be a 2-3 day delivery -- I told them I had [...]

"Baby bonus" turns into PR headache

From Reuters Oddly Enough: "ROME (Reuters) - It all started with a pre-election letter by Italy's prime minister to more than 600,000 newborns..." Apparently outgoing PM Berlusconi promised 1,000 euros to all babies born in 2005, but forgot to mention only Italian babies would qualify. Now the government's asking immigrant families to return the money... [...]

Designed by Braggadocio

I do web design and development consulting in my free time. I always strive for quality and originality in my designs. It never fails to amaze me how people always fall for cheap, imitative designs, simply because they're flashier. These "web designers" promise more traffic, more exposure, better looks, more and better everything, and of [...]