Here’s to the simple solutions

For the past couple of days, Mail had stopped working. It couldn't connect to the email servers for some reasons and kept taking my accounts offline. I knew I hadn't changed any of its settings. In all my years of using a Mac (since 1994), I'd never run into a situation where Mail settings had [...]

Tips for handling telemarketers

➡ Here's what will work, because it's backed by law. Unwanted phone calls What I did to cut down on my telemarketing phone calls was to register with the National Do Not Call Registry (it's free). I screen all my phone calls as well, through Caller ID and voicemail. I let telemarketers and phone numbers [...]

USPS, how slow can you go?

I've written about the USPS before, and how slow and unreliable it can be. I want to give you an idea of how terrible their service can be with hard, indisputable evidence (see screen shots enclosed below). A package was mailed to us from a vendor on 11/14/2007. It came from Capitol Heights, Maryland, and [...]

USPS Priority Mail is anything but that

Recently mailed a package with Priority Mail, and it didn't arrive at its destination on time. All the USPS website would tell me is that the shipping info was received. When I called them 7 days later -- remember, Priority Mail is supposed to be a 2-3 day delivery -- I told them I had [...]