Merry Christmas!

I know Christmas isn’t celebrated by everyone, but if you’re one of those who does celebrate it, Merry Christmas! Even though the origins of the date are pagan, the meaning we have chosen to ascribe to it over time is certainly worth celebrating. For those among us who are Christians, it means our Savior’s birth. For others, it means that time of year when we think of others, and give them presents. For others still, it’s a joyous holiday time spent with family, winding down the year and looking forward to the next. However you choose to celebrate it, I hope you’ll enjoy these next several photos I’ve prepared.

As Christmas nears, I love the change that comes over the home. The decorations make it a special time of the year.

Christmas time

Keep the light burning brightly

Let’s not forget to pick out just the right Christmas tree.

Got that tree?

And fill it full of wonderful ornaments.

Play that golden harp

A wreath of holly

How about the last minute gifts that we forgot to get? What to pick, I wonder?

The last minute gift

As Christmas Eve draws near, some of us like to sing Christmas carols.

Let’s sing in the town square

On Christmas Eve itself, we have a wonderful Christmas meal. In my family, the food we make this time of year is always special and plentiful.

Seeker of light

By the way, this is how the sunset looked on Christmas Eve this year.

Christmas sunset

Those of us who choose to ascribe a religious meaning to Christmas remember the story of the star in the East, and of the angels’ appearing.


A star in the East

That ocean of angels that filled the sky on our Savior’s birth night must have been a glorious sight. This is a poor approximation, but it will have to do.


According to popular legend, the little town up North where toys get made is pretty quiet on Christmas morning. Perhaps it looks something like this?

The little town where toys get made

Merry Christmas!


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  2. ava says:

    Thank you so much Raoul for sending me that lovely enlarged photo.When I use it as an avatar on any of the sites I visit regularly,I will be sure to make an entry telling my friends where it originated from.Your photos are ab fab!! They somehow connect and expand on the beauty of the universe. Isn’t nature wonderful? To bad some people cant’t stop long enough to appreciate true wonder. May you and those you love be blessed in the New Year! PEACE:)


  3. Thank you Ava! Yes, you may. Anyone may save the photos I post to the site to their computers and use them for personal, non-commercial use, as long as they don’t modify them. I should probably spell this out on a regular page so people don’t get confused. They can also use my photos on their personal blogs, as long as they ask for permission first, and they give me credit by full name and link back to my site ( I’m only really concerned about commercial uses of my photography. I’ll email you the photo you liked in a bit larger resolution shortly. Thanks for dropping by!


  4. ava says:

    Hi,Raoul! Hope you & Ligia are having a wonderful Christmas Season. I wish you both a fabulous New Year too!! I love,love,love the photo that was posted on Christmas Day,titled “Apparition”;and I was wondering if I could put it in “My Pictures”?It does belong to you,after all,and I wouldn’t do it without your o.k.


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