A few feed changes for my site

Birds of a feather…

The transfer of all my content from to has gone smoother than expected, which is great. I’ve been monitoring the feed usage stats, and it looks like everyone has migrated over to the new feed. Just in case, please check your bookmarks and feeds, and correct them as follows, where appropriate:

All of my other feeds have stayed the same. Here they are:

Of course, all URLs are getting automatically redirected (with a 301 status) from to That’s been working great, although some people reported issues during the first few days. Thanks for letting me know about those!

If you’re linking to my site in your sidebar, could you do me a big favor and check to make sure you’re no longer linking to but to And if you’re not linking to me, would you please?

A big thank you goes out to FeedBurner for migrating my email subscribers and helping with the feed redirect!


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