A bouquet of fresh tulips

The following photos are from a recent still life session with a bouquet of tulips, at home. The fresh green and yellow colors floor me every time I look at tulips. I love those colors!

I liked these photos best out of all the ones I took that evening, and decided to publish all of them here. I realize the norm is to pick only a few from each session, but sometimes I have to buck the norm (yes, I said bucking, not the other word). Let me know what you think in the comments.


Slanted whitespace


Stems in water

The closer look


Life goes on


Vase with tulips

Debutante steals the show

Star power


Standing on the balcony

The call for help


One thought on “A bouquet of fresh tulips

  1. ava says:

    Raoul,your photos of tulips are absouloutly STUNNING! They happen to be one of my 2 favorite flowers,second only to sunflowers. I love your vision of them. Thank you for such simple beauty.


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