A bouquet of yellow tulips

Here's my invitation to you to take a few minutes out of your busy day and relax by focusing on these photographs of yellow tulips and thinking quiet, beautiful thoughts. I guarantee you'll feel refreshed after this!

Young sunflowers

There are few flowers that can match young sunflowers in splendor, simply because very few flowers get so big and have such vivid yellow hues. The yellows, coupled with the soft greens in the center, make for a splendid combination. It's no wonder that young sunflowers appear in many a painted still life from centuries [...]

A bouquet of fresh tulips

The following photos are from a recent still life session with a bouquet of tulips, at home. The fresh green and yellow colors floor me every time I look at tulips. I love those colors! I liked these photos best out of all the ones I took that evening, and decided to publish all of [...]