A bouquet of yellow tulips

Here’s my invitation to you to take a few minutes out of your busy day and relax by focusing on these photographs of yellow tulips and thinking quiet, beautiful thoughts. I guarantee you’ll feel refreshed after this!

The evening fire

On chilly spring nights, few things top a nice, warm fire in the open air. Join me for one such occasion, won’t you? Set this video to play in full screen, tilt your chair back, grab a glass of your favorite drink and relax with me. Enjoy!

Cat spaghetti

Our kittens (and I can still call them that, because they’re only about a year old) love to cuddle up together when they sleep. They have their little bed, and that’s where you’ll find them most of the time, sleeping and purring — a big, intertwined mass of furry cuteness. It’s sort of like spaghetti… More Cat spaghetti