How to minimize your risk of prostate cancer

A long-time friend who does research into complementary and integrative medicine and is a wiz with statistics — his name is John Lewis — has just published an article entitled “Intake of Plant Foods and Associated Nutrients in Prostate Cancer Risk” where he, along with other researchers, found that your risk for prostate cancer becomes significantly lower if your diet consists mainly of vegetables, fruits and/or fruit juices.

On the other hand, if your diet has an increased amount of protein — or, interestingly enough, daily servings of grains — your risk for prostate cancer is increased. Another finding of his study ties into the racial/ethnic differences in the incidence of prostate cancer, which happens to be higher in African-Americans. The study shows a strong link between dietary intake and the risk of prostate cancer. Caucasian controls had significantly higher daily servings of vegetables and fruits and/or fruit juices compared to their African-American controls, and their incidence of prostate cancer was lower. Thankfully, the study found that those who changed their diets significantly to include more fruits and vegetables stood a better chance of surviving prostate cancer, regardless of race or ethnicity.

The lesson to be learned is simple: eat your fruits and vegetables if you want to keep away prostate cancer.

I should mention that he is also a CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) survivor. He was bedridden for over a year because of CFS. He cured himself by changing his diet to include only vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains, by exercising regularly, and through special intra-venous vitamin boosters — a treatment called chelation therapy.