Go eat some fresh organic peas

If you've never tasted fresh organic peas, or you can't remember the last time you tried it, now's the time to do it, because they're in season. If you live in the northern hemisphere, in a temperate climate, go get some right now and try them out! Don't cook them. Just open the pods and [...]

An interview with Adina Zeev about colon hydrotherapy

We had the chance to experience an inside-out cleansing recently -- it's a practice called colon hydrotherapy, or a colonic. It's a safe procedure that uses a machine to slowly rinse out solid waste from the colon, by pushing water into it, then letting it come out. The gentle pressure of the colonic machine stimulates [...]

Luigi Cornaro and the simple life

A Venetian nobleman on the brink of death discovered a way to stay healthy and alert to the ripe old age of 102. He lived in the 15 century, and his name was Luigi Cornaro (1464-1566). At that time, Venice was a thriving commercial port -- one of the main shipping hubs in Europe -- [...]

How to minimize your risk of prostate cancer

A long-time friend who does research into complementary and integrative medicine and is a wiz with statistics -- his name is John Lewis -- has just published an article entitled "Intake of Plant Foods and Associated Nutrients in Prostate Cancer Risk" where he, along with other researchers, found that your risk for prostate cancer becomes [...]

Starting a vegan diet

First, if you are indeed motivated to go vegan, I want to congratulate you, and to let you know that the advantages are incredible. But... going on a vegan diet could be a very drastic step for anybody, especially if they're eating the usual American fare: red meat, fries, cola and coffee. You will experience [...]