Gadget Monday – April 13, 2009

Here are this week’s seven cool gadgets.

Lenovo IdeaCentre A600 All-in-One Desktop

I wrote about the Dell Studio One in last week’s Gadget Monday. Now I see that Lenovo is coming out with their own version of the iMac — I say this because the design is similar. Unlike the Dell Studio One, they’ve left the hardware underneath the display, just like the iMac, but they bent the lower lip back to give it a different look.

The starting price hovers at $700, same as the Dell Studio One, but be forewarned, the hardware specs include an integrated video card. And since the machine runs Vista Home Premium, which is a real clunker of an OS, an integrated video card will slow everything down. To get a decent video card, you need to get the model that costs $1,000. And at that price, you really gotta wonder, should I pay $1,000 to run Vista, or just put down $200 more and get an iMac, which runs a much better OS?

Still, if I had to run Windows, I’d rather run it on a nice-looking machine like this one.


[via LikeCool and Lenovo]

White Leica M8

Design-wise, this camera is wonderful. I’m not convinced the specs and the quality of the photos you can get with it live up to its astronomic $10,000 and above price.


[via Gizmodo]

Modular CT adjustable bike seat by Selle Bassano

The distance between the two halves of this bike seat can be readily adjusted to fit the needs of every rider. Great idea!




[via The Design Blog and Selle Bassano]

Land Sailor

A portable wind-powered craft that can go up to 25mph on flat ground. It’s no Greenbird, but it’ll do for the weekend enthusiast. It disassembles easily to fit into the trunk of a car. It has a seat, handbrake, seat belt, and steers with your feet while your hands operate the sail. The back wheels are cambered for stability. Available from Hammacher-Schlemmer for just under $1,000.


[via LikeCool and Hammacher-Schlemmer]

Icon showerhead by Grohe

A very cool-looking showerhead that uses less water thanks to its nozzle design.



[via The Design Blog]

Haiku Satori ceiling fan

A ceiling fan that combines great design and sculpted bamboo blades with a revolutionary microprocessor-controlled motor that consumes 60-80% less electricity than a typical fan motor.



[via The Design Blog and Haiku]

Sony Ericsson MS500 Bluetooth speaker

Those of us with Sony Ericsson cellphones can entertain ourselves on the go with this handy Bluetooth speaker. It plays music directly from the phone, and as a bonus, the volume of the speaker is controlled by the phone as well. It operates on two AA batteries for up to 5 hours.



[via LikeCool]