Gadget Monday – May 4, 2009

Here is this week’s list of seven cool gadgets. Sorry I couldn’t publish a Gadget Monday edition last week; my schedule was too hectic to accommodate the several hours of research and preparation that are required for each one of these posts. 

Sea-Doo Seascooter Explorer

Made for scuba divers, the Seascooter Explorer will pull you through the water at speeds up to 3.3 mph. It has a three-stage speed control, it can dive up to 160 feet, and it’s powered by a rechargeable electric battery that lasts up to two hours. It looks like it’d be fun and easy to use. See the demo video. You can get one for $640





As long as I’m talking about scuba gear, here’s another cool gadget, the Lunocet. It’s a dolphin-inspired fin for divers that will supposedly allow you to swim at speeds of up to 8 mph underwater. That’s a pretty hefty claim. There’s a demo video on YouTube. I don’t know, with a fin that big, it looks to me like it’d be pretty easy to get muscle cramps if you’re not well trained, and with both feet stuck together onto the fin, you’d be hard-pressed to surface quickly. But, if you know what you’re doing, it should be a pretty cool toy, albeit at the substantial price of $975


[via LikeCool and Lunocet]

Pelican 0450 Mobile Tool Chest

I love tools, and this mobile tool chest from Pelican has me drooling. It’s tough, stackable, can hold up to 150 lbs. of tools, has all sorts of fancy features like pressure equalization valves and the ability to keep tools in place even when it’s turned over, and more. It is somewhat expensive though, at $500. 




[via LikeCool]

Rainxchange Rain Barrel by Aquascape

This decorative rain barrel looks great and has a built-in planter on top as well as a spout on its side. It’s an easy way to save money on your water bills and keep your garden irrigated. 



[via The Design Blog and Aquascape]

Foldable Director’s Chair

This director’s chair folds up into a messenger bag. It’s available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $130. 


[via The Design Blog]

2D to 3D Coat Tree by Andie Olive

This 2D coat tree is essentially a sticker you place on your wall. It comes with a few hooks that you can install into the wall at specific points where they’re masked by the design, essentially turning the sticker into a usable coat tree. It’s a neat idea, but the price is well-peppered at $109. I guess you’re paying for the design, not the hardware, which is minimal indeed. 


[via LikeCool]

Brugo Travel Mug

This special mug has a separate top compartment that fills up when you tip the mug, allowing you to cool a small portion of the liquid inside the mug before you drink it. It’s a neat idea. You tilt it, then sip it. There’s a demo video that shows you how this works. It sells for $20. 


[via TrustyPony]


Glad to see Nabaztag is still around

It’s coming up on three years since my original review of the Nabaztag. In 2006, it was just getting introduced to the US market. It was a new product from France, and the editors of the “I Want That! Tech Toys” show on HGTV approached me to see if I wanted to review it. I said yes, because the concept intrigued me, and I wasn’t disappointed. I thought it was a pretty cool gadget, in spite of the learning curve involved in setting it up.



A few months after being taped, the segment featuring the Nabaztag aired on HGTV. The rabbit did just fine, but I was way too serious. Note to self for the next TV interview: lighten up!

In December of that year, Violet (the makers of the Nabaztag) launched the new Nabaztag:tag, which could read RFID tags, had a built-in motion sensor, and could do a bunch more things. Since then, they’ve been busy improving the Nabaztag experience and introducing new things, like the Mir:ror, an inexpensive RFID reader ($50) that works in conjunction with RFID stamps (they call them ztamp:s) to do all kinds of neat things, like tell you the weather, update your Facebook status automatically, read books to your children, etc.

I have to say the new Nabaztag:tag looks a lot better than my original 1st gen Nabaztag. It has a shiny white finish and a better user interface. It’s probably easier to configure, too. I had some issues getting mine to go on the Internet back when I did the original review, which were thankfully sorted out.

All in all, I’m glad to see a product I reviewed and found cool is still around. Kudos to Violet!


Gadget Monday – April 20, 2009

Here are this week’s seven cool gadgets.

LG Viewty Smart Mobile Phone

The LG Viewty Smart (LG-GC900) smartphone comes with a touchscreen, 8-megapixel camera, and all the other goodies you’d expect from a late-generation mobile phone, such as a 3-inch WVGA screen with 800×480 pixels of crystal-clear resolution, 7.2 Mbps HSDPA and WiFi, 1½GB of internal memory and up to 32GB of expandable memory, and it is only 12.4mm thick. That’s thinner than a standard sheet of drywall, for those of you familiar with construction. It’s less than ¾ the width of my Nokia N95 smartphone. No pricing information is available yet. LG says the phone will first be available in European markets first.

LG Viewty Smart (LG-GC900) Smartphone - 3

LG Viewty Smart (LG-GC900) Smartphone - 1

LG Viewty Smart (LG-GC900) Smartphone - 2 j3odfmQze_4

[via LikeCool and LG]

Video camera pen from Hammacher Schlemmer

Available for $130 from Hammacher Schlemmer, this nifty pen records up to 2½ hours of color video at a resolution of 352×288 pixels. It stores the video (AVI format) on its 4GB internal memory, and it interfaces with a computer through its built-in USB connector, which can also be used to recharge its lithium battery by plugging it into an outlet via the included adapter. Best of all, it also writes, and the ink sticks are refillable.


[via TrustyPony and Hammacher Schlemmer]

Acrylic Cowboy open computer case

This is a precision-drilled acrylic board, onto which you can install the usual components that go inside a computer, such as a motherboard, video card, power supply, CD-ROM and hard drive. The kick is that everything’s out in the open so it can be easily serviced. Nice concept, but somewhat pricy at $76 bucks, no?




[via LikeCool and Geek Stuff 4 U]

Braille E-Book Reader

This is only a concept, but if it gets made, it’ll let blind people read books via the device’s special surface, which can change to reproduce Braille letters through electromagnetic impulses. Very cool.


[via The Design Blog]

Bird Dispenser by Curro Claret

A very clever design for an automatic bird dispenser! The cutting board has pre-drilled holes through which crumbs from your sliced bread fall and collect into a dispenser for your pet bird. Love it!


[via LikeCool]

Battery Snaps

For $5, you get a cool little top that snaps onto a regular 9-volt battery to give you an instant flashlight. It has an on/off switch and comes with its own 9-volt battery, ready to go.


[via LikeCool and Perpetual Kid]

DrinKlip Cup Holder

A sturdy clip that attaches to the edge of your desk and holds your cup. Very nice!


[via LikeCool]


Gadget Monday – April 13, 2009

Here are this week’s seven cool gadgets.

Lenovo IdeaCentre A600 All-in-One Desktop

I wrote about the Dell Studio One in last week’s Gadget Monday. Now I see that Lenovo is coming out with their own version of the iMac — I say this because the design is similar. Unlike the Dell Studio One, they’ve left the hardware underneath the display, just like the iMac, but they bent the lower lip back to give it a different look.

The starting price hovers at $700, same as the Dell Studio One, but be forewarned, the hardware specs include an integrated video card. And since the machine runs Vista Home Premium, which is a real clunker of an OS, an integrated video card will slow everything down. To get a decent video card, you need to get the model that costs $1,000. And at that price, you really gotta wonder, should I pay $1,000 to run Vista, or just put down $200 more and get an iMac, which runs a much better OS?

Still, if I had to run Windows, I’d rather run it on a nice-looking machine like this one.


[via LikeCool and Lenovo]

White Leica M8

Design-wise, this camera is wonderful. I’m not convinced the specs and the quality of the photos you can get with it live up to its astronomic $10,000 and above price.


[via Gizmodo]

Modular CT adjustable bike seat by Selle Bassano

The distance between the two halves of this bike seat can be readily adjusted to fit the needs of every rider. Great idea!




[via The Design Blog and Selle Bassano]

Land Sailor

A portable wind-powered craft that can go up to 25mph on flat ground. It’s no Greenbird, but it’ll do for the weekend enthusiast. It disassembles easily to fit into the trunk of a car. It has a seat, handbrake, seat belt, and steers with your feet while your hands operate the sail. The back wheels are cambered for stability. Available from Hammacher-Schlemmer for just under $1,000.


[via LikeCool and Hammacher-Schlemmer]

Icon showerhead by Grohe

A very cool-looking showerhead that uses less water thanks to its nozzle design.



[via The Design Blog]

Haiku Satori ceiling fan

A ceiling fan that combines great design and sculpted bamboo blades with a revolutionary microprocessor-controlled motor that consumes 60-80% less electricity than a typical fan motor.



[via The Design Blog and Haiku]

Sony Ericsson MS500 Bluetooth speaker

Those of us with Sony Ericsson cellphones can entertain ourselves on the go with this handy Bluetooth speaker. It plays music directly from the phone, and as a bonus, the volume of the speaker is controlled by the phone as well. It operates on two AA batteries for up to 5 hours.



[via LikeCool]


Gadget Monday – April 6, 2009

Here are this week’s seven cool gadgets.

Dell Studio One

Dell’s design has definitely improved in recent times, and the Dell Studio One is a great example of their new direction. It’s an all-in-one desktop with a 19″ widescreen display. It’s smaller than the 20″ iMac from Apple, but it looks wider because Dell put all the circuitry in the back instead of letting some of it reside under the screen, and because the aspect ratio for its display is 16:9, not 16:10. Hardware-wise, the specs are nice and on-par with the iMac, and the price certainly isn’t bad at $700 for the entry-level model. I do hope, for Dell’s sake, that the Studio One will run Windows 7, not Vista…


[via LikeCool]

Lenovo Pocket Yoga

This neat device from Lenovo is a cross between a Pocket PC, a netbook, and a laptop. There are no specs or pricing or availability listed for it anywhere, only some photos in Lenovo’s Flickr account. I like the stylish design and the size, but I have many questions about it, such as OS, specs, tactile feel of the keyboard, battery life, display quality, stylus usability, etc.




[via LikeCool and Lenovo]

LaCie iamaKey USB flash drive

Key-shaped, functional and cool design for a USB flash drive. It’s also a good deal at only $18 for the 4GB version and $30 for the 8GB version.




[via LikeCool and LaCie]

Zero Mouse by Oliver Rosito

An elegant, hollowed-out mouse concept design, made of aluminum and rubber. I like it, but I do have one question: where will they fit the batteries?


[via The Design Blog]

JVC Everio X Camcorder

The Everio line of camcorders from JVC have sure come a long way since I last reviewed them. The new Everio X camcorder is both a digital camera and video camera, recording 9 megapixel stills and full HD (1080p) video with a 1/2.33 inch CMOS sensor. One set of features that sets it apart is the ability to shoot photos at high speed. It’ll record 5 megapixel photos at 60 fps (frames per second), and will even go as high as 600 fps, although the image size at that speed is only 640×72 pixels.


[via LikeCool and JVC]

Electric Man

A power strip shaped to look like a smiling stick figure man.  You can use it for those bulky adapters, since there’s plenty of space between each grounded outlet. Only $15 from UrbanOutfitters.

[via LikeCool]

Three doors in one by Slam Doors

Did you ever see “The Three Bears” classic cartoon or read the story as a child? Same concept here. You’ve got a little door for Baby Bear, a medium door for Mama Bear and a big door for Papa Bear. Nice!


[via LikeCool]


Gadget Monday – March 30, 2009

Here is this week’s list of cool gadgets. Did you see last week’s edition?

Samsung HZ15W Digital Camera

Available starting this month, the HZ15W digital camera has a 12 megapixel sensor and a 10x Schneider zoom lens that starts at an ultra-wide 24mm. The camera also has built-in optical and digital image stabilization, and it records HD video at 720p and H.264 compression. Users can utilize the zoom freely while shooting HD video, which is still a rare feature on digital cameras. The HDMI output allows it to be connected directly to an HDTV.

The HZ15W replaces the HZ10W, which was launched in January at CES and is pictured below.

Samsung HZ10W Digital Camera

2TB Hard Drive from Western Digital

WDC is the first company to have come out with a 2TB internal hard drive. It’s a 3.0GB/s SATA drive that will make a lot of Drobo owners very, very happy.

Western Digital 2TB SATA Hard Drive - 1

Sony Ericsson Idou mobile phone

A new touch screen mobile phone from Sony Ericsson with a 12 megapixel camera and a big 3.5 inch (16:9, 640×320 pixels) display. It has all the goodies you’d expect from a smartphone, and it’ll go on sale later this year.

Sony Ericsson Idou Phone

[via LikeCool]

Canon PowerShot D10 digital camera

This little camera is waterproof (up to 10m depth), shockproof (up to 1.2m fall) and freezeproof (to -10°C). It’ll go on sale in May for $330 MSRP, street price will be lower. It has a 12 megapixel sensor, 3x zoom and it shoots SD 480p video.

Canon PowerShot D10 - 1

Canon PowerShot D10 - 2

[via Canon and LikeCool]

Studio FRST’s 16943 HDTV

The 16943 is a conceptual design for an HDTV that definitely grabbed my attention. It breaks out of the mold of the squarish TV design and allows one to view 4:3 or 16:9 movies at their intended aspect ratios, without letterboxing or pillarboxing them. The designers also want to include a built-in DVD player on the side, which is a nice touch but not really needed, since most people will play their content from other sources, not DVDs, in the future.

Studio FRST 16943 HDTV - 1

Studio FRST 16943 HDTV - 2

Studio FRST 16943 HDTV - 3

[via FRST and The Design Blog]

Interdepartment Mail laptop sleeve by Kena Kai

Made of white Italian leather, this is one beautiful laptop sleeve. Available for $70 directly from Kena Kai.



[via TrustyPony]

Modular office desk and bed by Florian Jouy

This neat desk can be unfolded and used as a bed at the day’s end. Great for small spaces.



[via The Design Blog]


Gadget Monday – March 23, 2009

Here are this week’s seven cool gadgets. Did you see last week’s edition?

Terrafugia Transition

I wrote about the Terrafugia vehicle back in March of 2006, three years ago. On March 5th of this year, a couple of weeks ago, their first working prototype, the Terrafugia Transition, made a successful runway-only flight. I’m really glad to see they managed to get their design built and working!

The Transition has foldable wings that extend and lock into place when it’s time to fly. It changes from a car into an airplane in less than 30 seconds. It has a top speed of 65 mph on the ground and 115 mph in the air. Its approximate fuel economy is 30 mpg, and it can fly about 450 miles on a full tank. Retail price is $194,000.







Videos (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

[via Terrafugia and Jalopnik]

KOZO Lamps by Design2009

These lamps from Design2009 are hand-made from old-style galvanized steel pipes and feature a faucet-like switch. They can be used with incandescent or halogen light bulbs.




[via LikeCool]

The Jenga Pistol

It’s a coil-action pistol that can be used to knock out Jenga blocks. Watch the video and see, my description is lamer than what this gadget does.

[via Look At This]

SwitchEasy ThumbTacks

They look like thumbtacks, but they’re microphones for your iPod. So cool! At only $13, I’d grab a couple in a heartbeat, except they won’t work with my 1st generation iPod Touch; they only work with the iPod Nano 4G and iPod Touch 2G.




[via SwitchEasy and LikeCool]

Collapsible Crutch

This may be one gadget I’d rather not use unless it was absolutely necessary, but let me tell you, if it were necessary, I’d rather be stuck with these. I was on crutches almost 10 years ago because of a knee operation, and I found it annoyingly difficult to get them in and out of the car. These collapsible crutches expand and contract very easily, which makes that task a snap.

Collapsible Crutch - 1

Collapsible Crutch - 2

Collapsible Crutch - 3

[via The Design Blog]


This wonder gel is soft at first touch, but it turns into a solid upon hard impact. It’s already being used in sportswear, and now the British Army has signed a contract with Blue Divine Ltd, the maker of the gel, so it can be used in the helmets of British soldiers. Very cool!




[via Mail Online and Look At This]

Iglooplay Mod Rocker

Someone tell me why this cool rocker is only made for kids? It’s so nice I’d get one myself. It’s made by ModernNursery of molded plywood, and can take up to 450 lbs of weight.


[via The Design Blog]


Gadget Monday – March 16, 2009

Here are this week’s seven cool gadgets. Did you see last week’s edition?

SwissBike XO

A foldable mountain bike with 26″ standard wheels. It can be folded or unfolded within 30 seconds, and even fits inside the trunk of a MINI (a definite plus for me). It’s got a front suspension fork, 27 speeds and disk brakes to boot. Total weight is 27 lbs, but the price stings at just under $2,300.

[via LikeCool and SwissBike]

Novanta Workstation by Luke Riggall

This well-designed aluminum and steel work desk has a bevy of features that set it apart from others. It has, among other things, cable channels, a built-in all-in-one computer or display stand, a built-in iPod dock, USB and audio hub, speaker grilles with integrated speakers, and a built-in power strip. Very nice indeed!

[via Yanko Design]

Promotional: Play your favorite tunes with an iPod alarm clock CD player.

Hangchair by Studio Niels & Sven

It’s a chair and hanger in one. Now you can hang your coat and shirt on the back, and even hang the chair away in a closet if you need the floorspace.

[via LikeCool and Studio Niels en Sven]

Beetle Cycle Helmet

Finally, a bike helmet that folds so it’s easy to carry around!

[via The Design Blog]

Ice Invaders ice cubes

Simple, retro and cool. A pure silicone ice cube tray that makes cubes in the shape of the little Space Invaders critters from the video game.

[via LikeCool and Fred&Friends]

Sylvania ECOlight

A water-power LED light for your shower. It’s powered by the water flow itself, so it needs no batteries. It has a built-in temperature sensor, so it turns blue if the water is cold, or red if the water is hot. Cool stuff!

[via The Design Blog and Osram Sylvania]

My Paper Bag by Ramon Middelkoop

It looks like a paper bag, but it’s made out of leather. The design is very nice and useful too, but I worry about the suede finish, which could get stained as you start carrying stuff around in the bag.

[via LikeCool]


Gadget Monday – March 9, 2009

Here are this week’s seven cool gadgets. Did you see last week’s edition?

The new Mac Pro

Apple released an updated Mac Pro recently. The specs make it the most powerful Mac Pro ever — possibly the best desktop on the market — while the Apple design cinches the deal. It uses the new Intel Nehalem series quad-core processors. You can put two quad-core chips in the Mac Pro, each capable of speeds at up to 2.93GHz, and that gives you eight processors in all. It’ll take up to 32GB of RAM, and it comes with two fast graphics cards that each have a built-in Mini DisplayPort connector. There are finally more connectors on the front panel, which is something users have wanted for a long time.

Mac Pro (March 2009) - 3

Mac Pro (March 2009) - 1

Mac Pro (March 2009) - 2

Mac Pro (March 2009) - 4

Mac Pro (March 2009) - 5

Images used courtesy of Apple.

Toshiba TG01

Toshiba has released a touchscreen smartphone that is thinner than the iPhone, has a larger display, more memory, usable Bluetooth (not just for headsets) and a better camera. The specs are as follows:

  • 4.1 inch WVGA display (800 x 480 pixels)
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • Bluetooth
  • GSM and 3G HSDPA
  • WiFi
  • GPS and A-GPS
  • 1GHz mobile CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Up to 32 GB of storage space via microSDHC card

Interestingly enough, the device uses Windows Mobile 6.1. I’d like to know how it stacks up with the iPhone in terms of ease of use and reliability. From my experience, previous versions of Windows Mobile were terrible, slow, and prone to crash or lock up. Perhaps Microsoft have managed to improve the OS — we’ll see.

Toshiba TG01 - 1

Toshiba TG01 - 2

Toshiba TG01 - 3

Toshiba TG01 - 4

[via LikeCool]

Calypso Chair

It’s a multi-purpose sofa designed for laptop users. The armrests fold inward and turn into laptop shelves, while the back rests can be folded and configured to face the same way, in the traditional sofa configuration, or in opposite directions, like a love seat. The back rests can even be folded down, turning the sofa into a coffee table. There’s storage space underneath the seats as well.

Calypso Chair - 2

Calypso Chair - 1

Calypso Chair - 3

[via The Design Blog]

Ecobank: desk, table and lectern

Another wonderfully designed multi-purpose furniture piece comes from Germany and was made by Marius Goetze. It can be turned over and used as a desk and chair piece, like the kind found in classrooms, or as a standalone table, or even as a lectern.

Ecobank - 1

Ecobank - 2

Ecobank - 3

Ecobank - 4

[via The Design Blog]

Bookshelf Lamp

Self-explanatory design: this lamp includes a built-in book shelf, eliminating clutter.

Book Shelf Lamp

[via LikeCool and Get Organized!]

Reader’s Nest

Another clever bookshelf design. This one mounts on the wall and resembles a bird’s nest. Instead of using a booksign, you place the book you’re reading upside down on its top. You can store more books in its base.

Reader's Nest

[via LikeCool and Wis Design]

Voice Draw

A Flash app from ZeFrank that lets you draw on the screen using your voice to move the brush. Change the pitch of your voice to change the direction of the brush.

Voice Draw

[via Look At This]


Gadget Monday – March 2, 2009

Here are this week’s seven cool gadgets. Did you miss last week’s edition?

12V Spotlight

The Spotlight is a small, rechargeable flashlight that plugs right into your car’s 12V outlet, and stays there, ready when you need it. I got a chance to use these little flashlights first hand, and I love them. They come pre-charged, so they’re ready right out of the package. They’re small, lightweight, easy to carry in your pocket, and they pack a mighty light in their tiny package.

They come with accessories as well, like a two outlet splitter that lets you share the 12V plug with some other gadget, or to charge a second spotlight. There’s also a lanyard with a rubber cap that snaps right onto the end of the flashlight. There’s also a small adapter that clips onto the end of the flashlights, just in case your car’s 12V socket is a bit different than usual.

The Spotlight costs $19.95, and the 12V socket splitter, called the Super Socket, is $12.95.

Shure X2u XLR-to-USB Microphone Adapter

The X2u adapter from Shure, which will become available in Spring 2009, will let you use any XLR microphone with your computer, via USB. Until now, we had either USB-connected microphones — whose gamut ranged from the very cheap to those made by Blue — or regular XLR microphones, which needed to be connected through mixing boards.

Shure has made it possible to bypass the mixing board and connect the XLR microphone directly to a computer, allowing us to have much greater choice when it comes to the microphone we want to use for podcasts or other audio recordings. And who’s to stop you from using a professional microphone for audio or video chats via Skype or iChat? I’m sure the sound would be much better than if you used your computer’s built-in microphone.

What’s also cool is that they’ve come up with a couple of USB microphones that connect directly to a computer, the PG27 and PG42 models. These are both cardioid condenser microphones with large diaphragm capsules. The PG27 is geared for voice and instruments, and the PG42 is for voice recordings. The PG42 comes with an additional shock mount along with carrying case. The PG27 comes with a stand and zippered carrying pouch.

[via Gizmag and Shure]

Owl 100% recycled backpack

This backpack is made from Cyclotex100, a material made 100% recycled matter. It will not only fit your books and other gear, but will also fit most laptops up to 17″ in size. You can order it blank for $47.80, or you can put a logo or some other design on it, which will bring the price up to $57.36 per item. The price is right for a backpack with such green credentials.

Owl 100% recycled backpack

[via LikeCool and Leed’s]

ThisWay Bicycle by Torkel Döhmers

This is one cool bicycle! It’s made of carbon and flax fiber composites and hydroformed aluminum, so it’s very light for its size: only 11-12 kg, or under 24 lbs. It has built-in LED lights for the front and rear, powered by a roof-top solar panel, and built-in rearview mirrors. All of the cables and the chain are hidden inside the frame, which means you won’t snag your clothes onto anything as you ride it. For simplicity, there’s a single brake lever that operates both front and rear disc brakes. The gears shift automatically into high and low settings, allowing you to tackle most roads.

It has a luggage connector in the back. The same connector can be used to plug in a battery pack for a planned hybrid version, which can assist you as you pedal uphill.

ThisWay Bicycle by Torkel Dohmers - 2

[via LikeCool and Torkel Döhmers]

Colim Concept Car by Christian Susana

This car design made the rounds very quickly after it was first published, and I figured so many people knew about it already that it didn’t need to be covered here. However, I couldn’t resist it. It’s so beautiful and functional that I really do hope it becomes a reality in the very near future.

Colim Concept Car by Christian Susana - 1

It’s a detachable motor home that can sleep a family of four. The cockpit, which also seats four, can be fully detached from the caravan and driven around town. The back can be configured to have a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and seating area, and can be re-configured on the fly through foldable and pull-out shelves and units to fit your daily needs.

Colim Concept Car by Christian Susana - 4

Colim Concept Car by Christian Susana - 5

Colim Concept Car by Christian Susana - 6

I should stress that this is just a design. All we’ve seen so far are computer-generated images. Not even a prototype exists. But if a working prototype were to be built, I’m sure the demand would be great for such a wonderful design.

Colim Concept Car by Christian Susana - 3

Colim Concept Car by Christian Susana - 2

[via LikeCool and Tuvie]

Samsung Show Projector-Phone

The Samsung Show (W7900) cellphone includes a built-in projector that displays bright, colorful 10-lumen video at up to 50 inches in diagonal. (Yes, you read that right.) The video resolution is 480 x 320 pixels. It also has a 320 x 240 pixel OLED display, a 5-megapixel camera, a digital TV tuner, and works on 3G HSDPA networks at up to 7.2 megabits bandwidth. There’s a demo video of the phone on the Pop-Sci website.

Samsung Show SPH-W7900 Cellphone - 1

Samsung Show SPH-W7900 Cellphone - 2

Samsung Show SPH-W7900 Cellphone - 3

Unfortunately, it’s only going to be available in Korea for now, as is to be expected with all the cool new cellphones…

Samsung Show SPH-W7900 Cellphone - 4

[via The Raw Feed, Pop-Sci and Samsung]

Mosaic Folding Chair

This neat chair doubles up as a room divider when folded. The mesh is made from mosaic tiles embedded in silicon, the frame is aluminum, and it’s designed to fold into a thin vertical surface.I love multi-purpose furniture. It means less clutter, particularly in smaller spaces.

Mosaic Folding Chair - 1

Mosaic Folding Chair - 2

[via The Design Blog and ODA – Architecture]