Glad to see Nabaztag is still around

It's coming up on three years since my original review of the Nabaztag. In 2006, it was just getting introduced to the US market. It was a new product from France, and the editors of the "I Want That! Tech Toys" show on HGTV approached me to see if I wanted to review it. I [...]

The new Nabaztag

Just this summer, I demonstrated what was then a new product on the US market on HGTV's "I Want That! Tech Toys" show. It was called the Nabaztag smart bunny, and it was an interactive, programmable little toy that looked like a white bunny and connected to the Internet through WiFi. I also wrote a [...]

Nabaztag: the smart WiFi bunny from France

I've been playing with my Nabaztag bunny for the last few days, preparing to review it for the I Want That! Tech Toys show on HGTV, which launches this summer. It's a very cute little bunny with ears that can move. It's constantly connected to the Internet by WiFi, and you can program it to [...]