Is global warming a cyclical event?

While most agree that global warming is occurring, they do not agree on the root cause. Some say global warming is caused by man, mainly by CO2 emissions, while others say it is part of a larger picture of cyclical global warming and cooling events that have occurred throughout history. Unfortunately, the debate is mostly one-sided, with man-made global warming proponents getting most of the media coverage, and the cyclical global warming proponents ostracized and denigrated as false scientists.

A new salvo was launched recently against the man-made global warming side, with the publication of an article by Danish professor Henrik Svensmark, entitled “While the Sun Sleeps”. As the title alludes, Mr. Svensmark believes the sun shows reduced magnetic activity and is about to go into a period of hibernation, which means a period of global cooling will likely begin soon. The full translation of the article from Danish to English is available on Anthony Watts’ blog, and I encourage you to read it. Here’s a quote:

When the Sun is active, its magnetic field is better at shielding us against the cosmic rays coming from outer space, before they reach our planet. By regulating the Earth’s cloud cover, the Sun can turn the temperature up and down. High solar activity means fewer clouds and and a warmer world. Low solar activity and poorer shielding against cosmic rays result in increased cloud cover and hence a cooling. As the Sun’s magnetism doubled in strength during the 20th century, this natural mechanism may be responsible for a large part of global warming seen then.

That also explains why most climate scientists try to ignore this possibility. It does not favour their idea that the 20th century temperature rise was mainly due to human emissions of CO2. If the Sun provoked a significant part of warming in the 20th Century, then the contribution by CO2 must necessarily be smaller.”

As for me, I’m still on the fence about this, but I’m leaning toward what Svensmark says. It makes more sense to me. While there’s little doubt that the Earth has been warming for the past few decades, that weather patterns are screwed up, and that pollution and emissions are running rampant and must be reduced drastically or eliminated where possible, I’m still not sure we’re behind the global warming phenomenon.

What tilts the balance of my opinion further away from man-made global warming is the face being used for the campaign — that of Al Gore. Try as I might, I can’t stomach the guy. When I think about his claim to inventing the internets, and his electricity-chugging lifestyle (which goes in stark contrast to what he’s saying when he speaks publicly), and his face, which just isn’t the face of a man that should be trusted — I’m sorry, I just have to look for more proof before I believe what he’s got to say. I’m also still in shock that the man got a Nobel Prize for the stuff he talks about — after all, he’s little more than a pusher of carbon credits, which are dangerously close to a green, global Ponzi scheme in my book.

Who knows, I might be wrong about Al Gore — he may be genuine for all I know — and in that case, I hope the agenda he and his supporters are pushing goes through, but right now, I believe global warming is cyclical, and only time will tell for sure who’s right.

More importantly, I believe global pollution must be addressed regardless of who’s right and wrong on global warming. Our environment is on the verge of collapse due to all the crap we’ve been pouring into it since the 1800s. Pollution is a real threat to our survival, as countless studies have shown. Let’s do something about that, right away.


3 thoughts on “Is global warming a cyclical event?

  1. I can’t follow your premise that “most agree” about ANY aspect of the weather. So …. show me a time when “most agree” actually had any correlation with actual weather. I know my local weather eye is off by 50% at least 50% of the time. Climate prediction is the one are where the majority have no edge over the least informed.


  2. Jeff, I’m with you on this one, but just how do we control climate change? Is a reduction in CO2 emissions the answer? Is trading on carbon credits the answer, while millions of acres of forest are still being cleared across the globe, and while millions of tons of outdated tech and other dangerous chemicals are still being dumped in China and India? Seems to me we’re really got to clean house, but no one is really doing anything about it. Is taking out incandescent bulbs and making us buy CFLs (as is happening in Europe right now) saving the environment? Is charging us a “green tax” for various products the answer to saving the environment? Looks to me like governments are out to make more money instead of doing the right thing.


  3. Jeff H says:

    I think the correct answer is that global warming and cooling are natural occurring and cyclical events. I also believe that humans are significantly contributing to, or accelerating the present warming cycle by pumping billions of tons of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere along with cutting down an ever growing number forests, jungles, and trees that naturally remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Regardless of whether the present global warming trend is man made or not, it seems to me that if we value our life here on planet earth, and we have the means to control the climate change to our advantage, than it would behoove us to do what we can to control, or slow the present trend.


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