Ligia on Radio Ring 90.2 FM


My wife was a guest on Radio Ring (90.2 FM, Medias, Romania) yesterday evening (12/2), on a show called “Lentila de Contact“, run by the station’s Program Director, Mircea Hodarnau. Ligia talked about her art, her education and her life. This was in preparation for tonight’s exhibition at Casa Schüller, which was attended by over 100 people. She’s showing 36 original large-format quilling creations, and 70 greeting card-format pieces. It all went better than we planned it, and we loved meeting all of the people that came to see her hard work. I’ll have video clips and photos from the gallery processed and posted at some point tomorrow, but I wanted to point you to the recording of the show tonight.

I’d like to thank Adrian Matei and Mircea Hodarnau for offering my wife this wonderful opportunity, for treating her so graciously during the radio program, and for providing us with a publicity photo and a full recording of the show, both of which you can see and hear here.


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