Not happy with changes to Kinder Surprise

Updated: Since I wrote this post and made the video, I have learned that Kinder Surprise and Kinder Joy are two different products and what had happened is that Kinder Surprise was temporarily taken off the market due to shipping concerns during the warm months. Now both are back on the market and I’m happy as can be getting the occasional Kinder Surprise and playing with the toy. 🙂

I used to love Kinder Joy, the little egg-shaped chocolate treats. They’d have these nice little toys inside, often cars, wrapped in these reasonably tasty shells made of milk chocolate. Now they’ve changed things completely.

The toys are these cheap things that fall apart as soon as you assemble them, and they’re no longer appealing, and the eggshell chocolate is gone. Even though they’re still wrapped in a plastic egg-shaped shell, the chocolate is now this soft fudge of white chocolate which sits on one side of the egg, while the toy is in the other half.

I guess it’s cheaper to pour the chocolate into half a shell than to mold it into an eggshell shape while the toy is inside. It’s also cheaper to forgo sterilizing the plastic parts for the toy, since they’re now sealed separately into other half a shell. And it’s also much cheaper to go with flimsy things instead of nice little cars.

made a video of one of these “late-model” Kinder Joy eggs, so you can see this for yourselves.


12 thoughts on “Not happy with changes to Kinder Surprise

  1. Monica says:

    Hi, for your information Kinder is not German. The fact that is called Kinder, that stands for child in German doesn’t mean anything; It’s a brand produced by the Italian manifacture called Ferrero
    Anyway, you can find them everywhere in Europe, so whenever you come to our continent you can have a lovely chocolate eggy holiday 🙂


  2. Sandip says:

    I think in india only mrp is the problem for thir choclate otherwise choclate is awsome………..!


  3. sam says:

    i hate the kinder surprise but love the kinder joy sadly i live in the uk so if i go abroad i bring back a lot of kinder joys


  4. i liked the chocolate eggs i used to get the orginal ones with the choco shell when i was younger but they will always be good and the toys i got didnt break at all!!!!


  5. shiroblack says:

    i am REALLY dissapointed with this crap, i love all kinder chocolate EXCEPT kinder joy..


  6. vxpink says:

    i too used to be a major fan of kinder surprise eggs ….and most of my weekly chocolate allowance went in buying an egg ;0 ;0….. i still have some of the metal guards and wooden animals and thoose really pretty hand painted ones………cant let go of them…

    but anyways..i live in india now and kinder joy was launched recently here…. i bought half a dozen in my excitement and when i opened them ….u can imagine my dissapointment when all there was was a plastic plane with paper wings and would not even fly……….i tossed it abt the room hoping for some of the old magic….but no…. it now has the honour of bein the first kinder toy i tossed in the trash…….wat happened to those pretty hand painted ones………..i want those ..why cant i have them;( 😦



  7. Clarence says:

    Hi Raoul,
    The chocolate eggs your thinking of are not the Kinder Joy eggs.
    The ones you want are Kinder Surprise eggs. Here is a site that supposedly sells both.
    I heard that the eggs (both types) were banned here in the USA since 2003. Seriously, not kidding.
    They are listed as Hazardous Materials.
    And yes the Kinder Surprise eggs still have the yellow plastic container with the cool cars, planes and other figures covered in the good tasting chocolate.


    • Clarence, I can’t find the Kinder Surprise eggs any more. I can only find the Kinder Joy eggs, which, as you can see, are inferior. Some are saying these Kinder Joy eggs are being sold as summer-only products in other countries, but in Romania, they’ve replaced Kinder Surprise entirely, which is a terrible decision on Kinder’s part.


      • Clarence says:

        I too have not found them anywhere here in the U.S. of A.
        Probably due to the ban I mentioned. I guess the government needs to protect the kids from the stupidity of the parents since the parts in the eggs are so small a child could swallow them.
        I actually did not know about the ban until recently. I was in Germany last year and brought over about 5 dozen of the Kinder Surprise eggs and a half dozen of the kinder joy eggs only because I had not seen them before. The Kinder surprise eggs were being sold right in the airport shops! I almost cleaned off the shelf! They brought back memories of my relatives bringing me some when they came over to visit. If you ever find a place that sells them I would appreciate a heads up. Although another trip to Germany, an empty suitcase… 50 pound limit…Hummmm…. LoL


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