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The plaster bagworm

We found this tiny little striped bug in South Florida, USA. It had a silken brown cocoon which it dragged behind it. It was a tiny little larva with minuscule legs, and its cocoon had two entrances. It would hide inside, then emerge out of either end to begin moving along.

I’ve never seen a bug like it, and would love to know what it is. Updated 6/4/10: it’s a plaster bagworm, and that wasn’t its cocoon, but its home — and it’s a pest. Thanks Andrew!


3 thoughts on “The plaster bagworm

  1. Karen says:

    I just found 2 on living room wall and 2 on tiled floor in bedroom in the last couple days. I am also in Florida.


  2. dottie says:

    I also have them in my house in Florida, I now know they are a plaster bagworm or are they also called a worm cocoon , how do I get rid of them do not know where they are coming from but find them in different rooms in the house, mostly my bathroom and master bedroom.


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