Summer in our garden

I promised I'd put together a gallery of photos taken in our garden last summer (that'd be the summer of 2018 for those of you who'll be reading this in future years), and here it is. Get ready to see 347 photos of summertime, taken between June and August of last year. Grab a cup [...]

Beware the creepy crawlies

It definitely pays to watch out for bed bugs, because a rare bite or two may turn into hundreds of bites per night, after the filthy little critters begin to multiply. The National Geographic put together a video that shows how bed bugs crawl out of the walls to bite people right before dawn, when [...]

The mole cricket – with better video

Back in May, I wrote about the mole cricket -- one of the pests that we have to deal with in our garden -- and I posted a short video clip. Last week, I had the chance to shoot footage of another mole cricket that my wife caught in our garden, and this time I [...]

In the garden – video

This morning, I took my trusty Olympus C-770UZ into our garden here in Romania and shot some video footage in super macro mode. I love the bokeh I get that way, and how close I can get to things. I found an iridescent beetle sunning itself on some parsley leaves, a butterfly resting on some [...]

The mole cricket

Q: What insect from the Gryllotalpidae family burrows around people's gardens and eats the roots of freshly planted vegetables? A: The mole cricket. This nasty critter, which grows to 2 inches or more in length (I've seen some that were over 3 inches), has strong forelimbs that it uses to dig around in gardens here [...]

Visited by a ladybug

Just as I was getting ready to download the photos from my camera last night (I'd been out photographing the wonderful fall foliage), a ladybug flew by me, and stopped to rest on one of our lamps. I have no idea how it got inside our home, since we have screens at our windows and [...]