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While in Bucharest on a day filled with meetings and traffic, we stopped at the Ramada Majestic Hotel to relax and have a couple of drinks at the bar. Ligia had a hot chocolate, and I had an espresso.

The espresso was pretty good. It had the right aroma, though it was a bit on the bitter side, and there wasn’t enough crema. The aftertaste was about right.

The bar was a welcome break from the stress of the day. I loved their large couches. I sunk into one and didn’t move for 15 minutes. When we got up, we were ready to take on the town again.

Espresso at the Ramada Majestic Hotel in Bucharest


2 thoughts on “Espresso at the Ramada Majestic Hotel in Bucharest

    • It’s incredibly different nowadays. If you get a chance, go, but know the Intercontinental is much more expensive these days than it was in ’89. As a matter of fact, most (if not all) hotels in downtown Bucharest have peppered their prices.


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