A timelapse of Bucharest

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzFZcB4hPPs I recorded this over the course of two days (12-13 march 2017) in Bucharest's Sector 1, with a very nice view of Herastrau Park, courtesy of our hotel room at the Pullman. We were there for our spring expo. Enjoy!

Classic Solo Handmade Shoes

Late last year, I ordered a pair of handmade shoes from Stefan Burdea, a shoemaker from Bucharest, Romania. I'd like to show them to you now. They're the Classic Solo model, a beautiful and understated pair of shoes made from a single piece of leather. Some of you may already know that it's fairly difficult … Continue reading Classic Solo Handmade Shoes

Espresso at the Ramada Majestic Hotel in Bucharest

While in Bucharest on a day filled with meetings and traffic, we stopped at the Ramada Majestic Hotel to relax and have a couple of drinks at the bar. Ligia had a hot chocolate, and I had an espresso. The espresso was pretty good. It had the right aroma, though it was a bit on … Continue reading Espresso at the Ramada Majestic Hotel in Bucharest