My wishlist for Flickr

I joined Flickr in December 2004, and stuck with it since then because I like it. In spite of the various censorship issues that have plagued it over time, it’s still one of the best (if not the best) places to share photos. (Videos are another matter…)

Here’s a short list of what could make it even better:

  • Ability to view ALL of the photos that my contacts have uploaded. This is already available in the Flickr app for iPod touch and iPhone, but it still hasn’t been implemented on the Flickr website. It should be a simple option that would allow me to choose between seeing All or Five or One new photo(s) from my contacts. If I choose All, then when I go to my Contacts page, I see everything they’ve uploaded. It would be really useful.
  • Ability to set a licensing price for our photos. Flickr should get a bit of that money, and since they’re in with Getty these days, I suppose Getty ought to get something too, but certainly not what they’re getting now with the “Request to License” option, which is obscene when you consider they’re doing no work whatsoever on behalf of the user to market those photos.
  • Ability to set a custom domain to our Flickr photostreams, if we so choose. WordPress and Blogger already let people do this, so it’s clearly something that’s feasible to do for millions of users — the path has already been paved.
  • Smart sets, that update automatically based on criteria we set. This would eliminate the need to use third-party tools and websites, which are nice, but let’s face it, things would be even nicer if we could do it directly on Flickr.
  • Grey and black backgrounds for our photostreams, in addition to the standard white color.

You can find me here on Flickr.


4 thoughts on “My wishlist for Flickr

  1. I really wish sets updated automatically (#3 on your list). In particular, I wish that sets would automatically update in the order I prefer (most recent uploads on top) instead of appending new additions to the end of the set. As it is now, I have to reset the order of each set manually after adding photos.


    • It would be nice for Flickr to move sets around to order them according to the set last updated.

      Even better would be for Flickr to replace the cruddy Yahoo maps. Google maps I guess is too much to ask for, but given their link up with Microsoft, then Bing maps would do. I quite like Bing maps and they do seem to be developing the product pretty aggressively.


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  3. Custom domain and the ability to view all contacts photos are high on my list too. Allowing users to set prices is logical too, although less relevant to me. The black background issue has also, for me anyway, been resolved by the last update. Some photos look better with a white bg. Others pop more with a black bg. I prefer white as a general rule so the default is fine for me. I also use Fluidr to view contacts photos, which does have a black bg.

    It would be nice to be able to add a custom header image to your Flickr page too. Oh, and if they could organize all the links into a neat Navbar, ala WordPress, that would also be neat!


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