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Do you want to learn quilling?

In addition to Ligia’s Kitchen, we’ve just launched a new show today called Quilling – Arta de a Rula Hartia (The Art of Paper Filigree), with my wife as the host and me as the producer (and everything else inbetween).

The show is in Romanian, but we’ve got English subtitles for all you wonderful English speakers out there. And of course we’re filming in HD, so you can see all the little intricacies of the art, as my wife demonstrates them for you.

This won’t be a weekly show — we’re thinking something along the lines of monthly or sometimes twice a month — but we’ll do our best to make it a more or less regular show.

Stay tuned, I plan to launch a show of my own as soon as I can dig myself out from under all this work I’ve made for myself…



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