Romanian doctors play hooky at Buenos Aires conference

My parents just got back from a big, worldwide conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina — the 15th World Congress of Psychiatry. My dad, who is a devoted psychiatrist, went there to learn new things, like most doctors who go to conferences.

Unfortunately, all but five of the entire group of Romanian doctors (150 in total) who registered for the conference decided to play hooky. This was after their travel, hotel stay and meals were paid for by European pharmaceutical companies, who flew them out there so they could stay up to date on the latest research.

One of the event staff confided to my father that the Romanian doctors couldn’t be bothered to even pick up their badges, which is something that only takes a few minutes. Instead, they all went on a sightseeing trip through Patagonia and were absent for the entire duration of the conference.

In case you’re not sure why this matters, you may want to read through my review of the Romanian healthcare system.


2 thoughts on “Romanian doctors play hooky at Buenos Aires conference

  1. Mihai says:

    I am very disapointed with the poor medical preparation of the romanian doctors. The best ones are ussually leaving the country. This article describes perfectly the lack of interest of doctors in self develpment, also becasue in Romania there is no assurence system for malpraxis. No one shall pay for a mistake in medical act, compared with other countris where the situation is different.


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