The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D

Tony Darnell at Deep Astronomy has put together this wonderful video showing the Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D. It’s an amazing view of an incomprehensibly large universe, which helps put us in perspective. We are so insignificant, toiling away on this puny little planet we call Earth, a lot of us involved in nefarious or corrupt activities, trying to accumulate needless wealth at the expense of others, all while our impossibly short lives run out much too quickly.

Here’s my advice. Watch the video, then go outside and take a walk in nature. Enjoy its beauty. Think about family and dear friends. Then go through your house and clean all the stuff you don’t really need. Let’s all of us (the ones who are touched by this big picture) try to live our lives in a simpler, healthier way.



6 thoughts on “The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D

  1. kellogs says:

    I don’t know how that might be, but I am in no way moved in the ‘healthy life and house cleaning’ direction after having watched that clip.

    Ontopic: actually we are not insignificant at all. We are the very bleeding edge of the universe. We are its consciousness, its eyes and its ears, we are the Universe’s finest products.

    offtopic: wth is this ? where is RTTE #6 ? :(. Oh, and the story teller guy is just making a mountain out of a mole hill. Imagine what a tremendous risk the researchers have undergone through!!! They actually wasted 10 Earth days pointing at nothing . How stupid can one get to believe that if he does not see anything in the skies bare-eyed there is nothing to actually see up there. What chances were there for that to happen ? 1: 10 ^ 10 ^ 10 ^ 10 …


    • If we are the universe’s “finest products”, then the universe is a pretty sad place. Humans as a species are a disappointing, not to say criminal bunch. We have been abusing our planet to the max, without regard for anything else but short term profit. We’ve been stealing from each other and murdering one another throughout history. Most of us accomplish nothing during our lives, yet we expect everything. We willingly make ourselves uglier and fatter just because we want to eat certain foods, no matter how those foods were obtained and what animals died in the process. We live to accumulate crap and then we complain there’s no peace and order in our lives. We live to accumulate wealth and we die wishing we had more of it. We stink. We stink while we live and we stink while we rot. We’re not that great. Never will be. We sometimes rise to adequate, but that’s it.


      • kellogs says:

        Yeeeeeeey, ftw! can’t wait for it. Thanks.

        We are not that great from *our* point of view, which is meaningless. Form the Universe’s perspective, if it has one that is, we are a marvel, a jewel. The only ones of its creations able to comprehend it, the creating force, with all of its laws. Einstein and Heisenberg could not have risen from an ant society, they needed all this pile of stinky shit below their feet to sit on top of. To Universe, humanity is just a stool for the great minds of .. well.. human beings.


      • Okay, I need to correct my plan… I’ve filmed the sixth episode, actually just got home tonight after filming it, but I may not have enough time until the end of the month to edit. At any rate, I plan to get it done and publish it as soon as I can. It may be this month, or it may be in November, during the 1st or 2nd week.


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